Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 3, 2008

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Opening statement:
"We knew we were going to face a pretty urgent Wisconsin team - they were 0-2 and we had felt that way after the Minnesota game and we were a different team against Ohio State, so we knew we were going to get their best effort. The difference for us in the game, which it has been many times before with starting and playing three freshmen, is the turnovers. I feel like if we can clean up that part of our game it's a different story. We just have to do a better job of taking care of the basketball and have a little more urgency in that department .You also have to give Wisconsin a lot of credit. I thought they did a nice job of pressuring and denying and causing turnovers."

On Wisconsin's defense:
"I thought their denial was very good, which we knew. Any time you watch them play, they pressure and deny very well and three-quarter the post and get strong back side help. We didn't see the back side very well, we didn't handle their pressure. We have just about every single way you can start an offense with high post entries, wing entries, dribble entries, and it seemed like everything we attempted to do ended up being a turnover.... I thought they did a great of pressuring us the entire game."

On her team's defense:
"I thought we played with not a lot of focus. Even the kids that are really good defensive players were really not there mentally....We were junking them (Wisconsin) in the beginning. It wasn't that we were losing track of people. We actually were allowing other people to step up and we were trying to keep their big scorers away. They had some kids step up and then we had to switch it out of that when kids started making shots. And the biggest thing is when you junk people, you've got to be able to score. If we had not turned it over, I think it would be a different ballgame. When you score and you start junking people and taking them out of what they do naturally pretty well and people start pressing and they hadn't been shooting very well. Jolene had been in a slump. The ball hadn't been dropping for them and we felt like we could get into them a little bit and we did. It bothered them. The problem was that we weren't scoring. We were turning it over, so they were getting easy looks at the other end, which we have to eliminate. Had that not happened, I think it's a different story."