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Jan. 5, 2008

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Michigan State Head Coach Suzy Merchant

Opening Statement...
Obviously it is a disappointing loss at home. I am frustrated again by our turnovers, and our inability to transition defense. Believe it or not, it was actually a big part of our game plan, just taking care of the ball. We were sending two people back off of the rebound, since we knew that their guard play was spectacular. They really get it out and push it, and are really quick and athletic. We couldn't really match up with them that way in transition, so we were working with them pretty hard the last couple of days in practice. I'm sure it didn't look that way today, but we did work pretty hard in getting back, and eliminate easy buckets.

On Penn State's fast break game plan...
That is what they have done all year long, and in transition those women are really good. Those guards are very good, and that is where their strength is. We were sending Alisa and Cetera back as soon as the shot went up to make sure. Our turnovers were a big part of it too. Every time we turned it over it ends up in a lay-up. We weren't making people work at the other end. We were early in the season, I don't know if some of it is the freshmen getting fatigued and them not being where they need to be, but it's my job to get us to a point where we are playing good basketball. I thought we were early, but now we are really struggling. Our effort really needs to come out in practice.

Penn State Coach Coquese Washington

On preparation for the game...
I thought it was critical coming into the game. Coming into this game, we talked about it a lot. We really wanted to push ten-fold. We wanted to get out and score in transition. We played four guards, and one way we can get the easy shots is to score transition. So that was definitely a focal point of our preparation.

On playing Allyssa DeHaan...
It is almost a cliché. I look at the stats and she has a double-double. I felt like she hit some really big baskets and it is really tough to guard her, and you spend so much time in practice preparing for her. She is a really good player but I felt we did a good job of making her shoot tough shots. She scored 14 points, but I felt she had to work pretty hard to get them.

On your first season in the Big Ten...
I think it's a very competitive conference and I think this year in particular, only six coaches have been in the conference for the past two years or so. Every night I think we are going to have games like this where it is just nip and tuck, where it is going to come down to the last four or five minutes of the game. At Notre Dame we played a lot of Big Ten teams so I felt fairly familiar with the conference and coming into some of these different arenas. I've been here before as an assistant coach so it's not as new of an experience as if I had gone into a different conference where I hadn't played as many teams as I have coming into the Big Ten.

On there not being any favorite teams this year...
I just think that we are three games into the conference season and no one is undefeated. I think that speaks loudly about the competitiveness. The ability to go on the road is going to be key for the team that rises to the top. For us to be able to come in here and get this win this early in the season is a really good thing for us.




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