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Jan. 31, 2008

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MSU head coach Suzy Merchant

On Mandy Piechowski's play...
I thought Mandy in the last month has gone to a different level. One thing Mandy brings is that she's a complete guard, in the sense that she's very solid defensively. She can also shoot 3's, which we need to be able to do. Where other kids are more just defenders or just offensive players, I think Mandy is as close as we have offensively and defensively to play. She's also I one of our better post passers. So even if she isn't knocking down shots, I do believe that she is a very good defender, and she'll get the ball to Allyssa in the time that we need to.

On Mandy taking charge...
She's just got a point guard mentality. We're playing her at the off-guard. I think Mandy's a pretty experienced player. She went through a great high school program, a great high school coach, and AAU program. So I think Mandy's been in positions before. Right now she's really making the most of her opportunity. Mandy is a person on our team that everyone respects and everyone likes. So I think it's easy to lead when you have that feeling from everyone on the team.

On DeHaan in the last five minutes...
I thought she elevated her game. I feel a little frustrated with the contact that she gets, and doesn't get those calls. I thought she did a great job making those free throws down the stretch. I thought she went up and got a couple of great defensive rebounds for us. She was much more aggressive down the stretch in that run.

On the emotion of the team this year...
I think they were ready. I think our kids did a great job. Even when we were down, I never felt like we were out of it. I felt like they were still focused and fighting. I think that's a good sign when you're playing three and four freshmen out there consistently.

Michigan Head Coach Kevin Borseth

On what happened down the stretch...
I think it's what we didn't do. We had the lead. Granted, they made some shots, especially free throws. They shot fifteen and we shot one. It was a pretty physical game. They made shots down the stretch and we didn't. We got confused on two or three possessions, which really hurt us.

On Michigan State switching to a zone...
Well, I don't think the effort is there, or that the extra pass isn't there. I don't think we are playing with good chemistry on the court. I think the girls like each other, but I think there is a difference having good chemistry, and making the extra pass and we are just not. We just don't have that flow of a chemistry and attack right now. I felt that we showed signs of it early, but now I have seen us drop off a little bit. Obviously, tonight I don't think they were willing to make that extra pass. Defensively, I felt that our effort was pretty poor again tonight it terms of being outside and evading screens.

On the disappointment of letting the lead slip away...
We've done that three out of the last four games. Our goal before the year was to get in the game, and now we are in it. I certainly can't fault the players. I have to do a better job of getting them prepared down the stretch.




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