Post-Game Quotes

Feb. 12, 2006

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Michigan State Coach Joanne P. McCallie:

Opening statement...

"It was a great defensive battle. It was neat to see the plays Lindsay (Bowen) and Liz (Shimek) made down the stretch. There was a lot of heart and a lot of hustle. It was just an interesting game really, overall for our team to battle and to have to face adversity. I also want to say that the crowd was fantastic once again. It was a great crowd - a very vocal crowd and a difference making crowd."

On the rally in the last 10 minutes...

"We have had a lot of rallies. You have to have that ability, but you don't want to rely on it. You have to have the ability to change the tempo, to change up a game that is definitely is not flowing in your direction. That is one thing that I am very proud about our kids, is that I think we are able to change things - change defenses, change what we do to try to disrupt the tempo."

On the seniors...

"I think you could write a book on Liz (Shimek) and Lindsay (Bowen) and what they have brought to this program - the foundation they have brought to this program and the kind of people they are. They are competitors. Liz is a little more quiet of a competitor and Lindsay is a little more aggressive, kind of always trying to take you on competitor. They are both extremely bright and they work very hard. The biggest compliment I could ever give them is that I never had to convince them of anything. Once they were Spartans, if I told them to do 100 push-ups, they would do it. If I told them to run a mile and a half in a certain time, they would kill the time you told them. You never, ever had to convince them of anything, and I hope that is the biggest thing the kids pass down. A lot of kids you have to a lot of convincing to get stuff done."