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Feb. 15, 2007

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Michigan State Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie

Opening statement...
During film review tomorrow, there will be discussions over their 62 percent shooting (in the second half) and how we contributed to that as a team. The best part of the game, no question, was the last three minutes. Our execution, getting the ball to the right people, and making good decisions - we were very focused, calm, cool and collected there, but that was it. That's the best you can take from the game, and the rest of it will work itself out in film.

On Northwestern's second-half shooting...
I think we played very soft. I think our defense was soft. Do you think that was same defense that played the second half against Purdue? You saw a second half defensive effort there that was stifling. We have to play every minute no matter who you play and it doesn't matter where you're playing. That message obviously was not audibly clear tonight.

On the play of Victoria Lucas-Perry...
Again, streaky. That's why shooting is overrated, to be honest with you. I like her six rebounds - Vic's always doing lots of things out on the floor, and that's very good for us. You want to be steady, consistent, and you want to be attacking. But you definitely don't want to go in and out of a game quite like that. Victoria did some great things tonight, no question about it, but that's the message you try to continuously get across to players - to keep attacking. Obviously (Northwestern) was looking for her more after what she did in the first half, she just has to work harder to get the same shots.

On the play of Allyssa DeHaan...
I thought Allyssa did a lot of really nice things on the floor, but I do think she got hit and pushed and it was physical. And at times I saw her doing her own pushing, which is great because she's got to fight for turf out there - it's not automatic. Allyssa's game was strong and solid and she's starting to get better every game.



Northwestern Head Coach Beth Combs

Opening Statement...
That was a heck of a second half. I think everyone would agree that that was fun basketball. From our perspective, for us to be able to come in here on their home floor and be able to play them to a two-point game and make it a game and bring it down to the wire is something that's very important for our ball club. I'd like to get three plays back. Then it's a tie ball game and then we put ourselves in a position to win. I'm very proud of our ball club today, and Michigan State is a great team, and how about Victoria Lucas-Perry?

On the team's high shooting percentage in the second half...
We haven't shot like that in a very, very long time, so that was nice to see us get back on track. We had four kids in double digits, which we haven't had all season. So some very good things that we can work on.

On what she told the team trailing by 20 in the first half...
We didn't come out with a lot of intensity and a lot of aggressiveness, and I thought again in the first half it was Lucas-Perry 20, us 19. (Lucas-Perry scored 19 in the first half). It was one kid that was making plays, and we weren't really stepping up on the defensive end to make some plays and we were very passive on the offensive end. Fortunately we've really talked about just playing four-minute halves with this team, and we were able to start over at the half, and it's just attributed to the kids that we have on this team who were really able to start over and believe that they could start over and make some things happen.


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