Post-Game Quotes

March 30, 2008

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Michigan State Head Coach Suzy Merchant

On her prediction of the postseason...
I don't think you try to predict anything, but as a coach, when you look at such a young team that you have and all the injuries that we've had and adversity, what I'm proud of is how the kids have come together down the stretch. I think that you always want to be playing your best basketball down the line and, although sometimes it isn't pretty, I think we're figuring out how to compete and I think when you are a young team, as simple as that sounds, it is important to understand that every possession matters and to really bring it night in and night out. The value that we're getting in the postseason that any team can get, especially a young, pretty injured and beat up team, I think is a positive.

On Kalisha Keane and her defensive presence...
Kal (Kalisha Keane) at halftime, with two fouls and not scoring is not a good thing for Michigan State women's basketball, especially when we're struggling and other people are struggling to make shots. So, when she got that charge to start the second half, as coaches we looked at each other and said, "You know what, this is kind of a time where we've got to let her play through this." Her on the court in foul trouble is better than having her sit. I thought she really had a good mindset, she really wanted to be out there and she was hampered by sitting on the bench, so it was a really good learning experience for her to get in passing lanes, make a difference and not foul at the same time and I thought she did a really good job of keeping that balance and being smart.

On the last play during regulation...
That wasn't the designed play, that last play of regulation. We were supposed to turn the corner and take it and, if not, fan out and we'd have a good roll opportunity. The goal of the last play in regulation was not to shoot a 3-point shot. We wanted to take it at the rim, and/or get it into Al (Allyssa DeHaan) off of the back screen. But, I felt like Courtney (Davidson) is a kid who can sometimes create those shots for herself and make them.