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Michigan State 91, Grand Valley State 47

Nov. 3, 2013

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Head coach Suzy Merchant

On Aerial Powers...
Really, with Aerial, we were just working on the defensive side of the ball. She kind of gets caught a little bit in her own mind and I think she tends to hesitate. Aerial is the best when she is playing instinctively and I thought she did that tonight. She was aggressive, but didn't force things and she brings a lot of dimension to us in the press.

On what is most impressive about this the team and what the team still needs to work on...
Positives - we had twenty-five assists and seven turn overs, so that's a good thing. We had multiple people in double figures, so that was kind of nice to see that we share the ball pretty well. What I'm still struggling with is the defensive side of the ball. We have three kids out there, newcomers and freshman, that are still trying to figure it out a little bit. The offensive side is their strength and the defensive side is something they're building on and they're getting better. Tonight wasn't a very good core-to-core defensive execution. So, we have a lot to work on with Notre Dame looming a week from tomorrow.

On Becca Mills...
I thought she had a nice, balanced attack. She was only able to play twenty-four minutes, but in the last game she was able to play more like thirty-four minutes. She was in foul trouble, but I like to see her really being aggressive out there. She played within herself, she didn't force too many things and she's worked really hard in this offseason. I'm excited about what she brings to the team. The tough thing is that we really don't have a post with Jasmine Hines and Madison Williams out, so there's a lot that kind of falls on her, but I really like the way she lets the game come to her. She wasn't trying too hard or over-trying and that obviously allowed her to have fourteen second-half points.

On Branndais Agee...
Well, I felt bad that she got into foul trouble early. She kept saying, "I can play, I can play" - but I wanted to be able to play her in the second half, let her be able to get into a flow and play some extended minutes. She is coming off of her ACL injury, so she needs some extended minutes to work on her game conditioning. Some of her mistakes come with fatigue, but that's natural. I like what she brings - she's a great rebounder; a really great rebounder for us. She can really get north and south at the rim. For her, it's about conditioning, it's about decision-making and it's certainly about the defensive side of the ball. I do love what she brings to us off the bench and she is an extremely competitive person.



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