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Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 4, 2007

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On the players taking ownership in the second half:
I think it first started with Courtney, with her coming in and giving us a nice spark off of the bench, and I think that is something that she can do. She is a little spark plug offensively especially. I think she can get us going a little bit when we were in a rut, and I thought she did a nice job that way. Cetera came in and gave us a nice hustle points as well, not so much points, she does some things defensively for us, that really helped. I thought Kal (Kalisha Keane) really stepped it up in the second half.

I thought we were very flat. I was trying to get them going before the game, but I felt like we were flat. Mentally I think we were real emotionless for some reason. I think you always have to play with passion and desire. I could tell out of the gates we really weren't there, and I am not sure why, maybe it's we have young kids, but we're trying to figure that out. I do think that Courtney and Kal picked things up for us.

On halftime, and player's showing emotion in the second half:
We did a little bit more continuity stuff, which made the flow a little bit better for our freshman point guard, in Brittney (Thomas). I felt offensively we were there to some degree, but we had way too many turnovers. We have a goal of 14 or less a game, and we had 14 turnovers in the first half alone. I wouldn't say that it was just one of those nights, I would say that it is just us playing poorly, and making poor decisions. We were doing things we don't do, we don't teach them to do. But defensively I still think we have a whole heck of a long way to go.



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