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Michigan State-LSU Postgame Quotes

Dec. 17, 2006

Recap |  Final Stats

MSU Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie

Opening Statement...
It was an interesting game in a lot of ways. I thought LSU did some nice things. The momentum swings were really interesting. I am proud of our team. We learned a lot about ourselves today. We learned that we are fighters and we have good character. We also learned that we have to make better decisions and take care of the ball. There are some very good things we will take from this. It's painful when you are within four after being down as many as 20, especially with this crowd, and you can't turn things around. There were some things that didn't allow that to happen. We will take this as a lesson learned and also as a motivator, since our `A' game wasn't completely present. We have to learn how to play 40 minutes against opponents like LSU.

On LSU's Chaney...
I expected her to play well. On film, she was their go-to scoring guard. What hurt us a lot is when we allowed her to get some shots early. That was a confidence boost for her. Fowles is the kind of player that you try to stop but you know she is going to pick up her stuff. It was very detrimental that we didn't do a better job defensively in the first half. The second half scoring is more of a basketball game. In the first half, we were not near where we were supposed to be when guarding Chaney.

On the playing the zone...
What you don't want is somebody wide open. We want to create a situation where the shooter is a little indecisive. At the same time we needed to be able to cover Fowles. I like our second half defense a lot better. Unfortunately, we didn't get enough stops to turn this thing around.

LSU Head Coach Pokey Chatman

Opening Statement...
Part of the reason why you schedule games like this is because you want to be challenged by your opponent, not just because they went to the Championship Game two years ago but because they're a quality program. To be able to take your game on the road in this great environment, I haven't seen the attendance but it sounded like 15,000. That's a compliment to what has been done here. It was nice to see that our kids answered the call when there was a run. We knew it was going to take forty minutes of basketball and that's exactly what it took. Fresh in my mind is the evaporation of the lead going into the half. It was nice to see when there was a run where we methodically took our time, got the ball where it needed to go and, in terms, of establishing ourselves offensively. Overall, I am pleased with their performance.



On the similarities between Michigan State and LSU's recent opponent, Ohio State...
From the standpoint of overall program, you know you're going to get challenged. They are two different types of systems in terms of returning players and how they play. I thought we did a good job. This is probably the third team we've played that plays in a match-up zone. It was nice to see us execute it. We have some work against that to know we have to reverse the basketball. We thought we would have somewhat of a speed advantage if we could reverse the basketball and have their big players on our smaller players and that's exactly what we continued to do.

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