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Women's Basketball Canadian Tour '99

Aug. 16, 1999

Vancouver, Canada -

DIARY ? Day 1 (8/16/99) - Christie Pung

After a long day of travel, we are finally in Vancouver, Canada. It is as beautiful as everyone has said it would be. The temperature is 62 degrees vs. the 80s we were predicted to have in Michigan today.

I started off today by jumping out of bed at 6:30 a.m. to finish packing, and get ready for the highly anticipated trip. I found out that it's quite difficult to pack for a 10-day trip. Especially when a person doesn't really know what kind of weather to expect.

The team met at the Breslin Center parking lot, and left about 8:15 a.m., for Capital City Airport in Lansing. From the Lansing Airport, we traveled to Chicago where we encountered a four-hour layover until our next flight.

During this four-hour lapse, everyone grabbed something to eat with Chili's being the most popular spot.

After we finished eating, some played card games, some caught up on their sleep, and others either listened to music or visited with one another. As always, there was never a dull moment.

Kristen made for some good entertainment when she decided to lay on the floor and catch up on her sleep. While she was sleeping, some of her teammates decided to add our travel hat and some stuffed animals to the scene for a priceless photograph. The whole thing made for quite a laugh.

Becky, Nikki, Max, Mina, Donita and Jill also made for some interesting entertainment after lunch. They were playing a rather interesting game that was quite loud. Most of the people around us started at us like we were crazy, but we all know that already.

Now that we're in Vancouver, we are concentrating on finding the ?hot spots? and getting the best exchange rate possible.

We are all looking forward to the opportunity we have been given to come to Canada to play against some good competition. Not only is it a great opportunity to improve as a team, but it also gives us the chance to spend some time together, building team character and chemistry. The past 10 days of practice have been a lot of fun, and the amount of improvements we have all made is immeasurable.

This is an opportune time to make this preseason trip because of the amount of players we have returning. The six games are giving us a chance to play together and improve before our season starts.

I would like to say ?HI? to everyone back home. I can't wait to tell you how the trip is going. See you soon.

- Christie Pung



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