Women's Basketball Canadian Tour '99

Aug. 17, 1999

Vancouver, Canada -

DIARY ? Day 2 (8/17/99) - Kelly Czubak

Well, it's our second day in Vancouver, and we definitely started it out on the right foot. About 9 a.m., everyone on the trip gathered for a bus tour with a guy named, Bill. He was quite anxious to get things going and so was everyone else.

Our tour began with a drive through Stanley Park. The view of the water with the mountains in the background was breathtaking. Then we stopped at a spot where there were about eight totem poles. They were huge and great to take pictures with.

Then we toured two other beautiful areas, including Queen Elizabeth Park, and took a ton more pictures.

Those were spots where we were able to get out and walk around, but we also saw awesome things while riding on the bus. Towards the end of the tour, we headed home on Robson Street that was about five minutes from our hotel. There were a ton of stores on the street, which made everyone excited, especially Donita.

When we got back to the hotel, everyone kind of went there own ways, but I guarantee everyone made it back to Robson Street for shopping. Some of us went and ate lunch first, but then we went from one store to another.

Somehow, I was able to find lots of cool things to buy. Thanks mom and dad! On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at this awesome chocolate shop. I love dessert, and there is only one person I know who loves it as much as I do. Before we left we all bought ice cream and drooled over the candy.

Well, I'm not quite sure what's on the agenda for tonight, but I'm sure it will be fun. So far everyone is having a great time and it's guaranteed to only get better.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we have our first game, which we are all really excited about. But you'll have to wait to see how that day along with the game turns out.

Like Christie, I would like to say ?Hi? to everyone back home along with ?you better be missing me? (Ha Ha).

- Kelly Czubak

DIARY ? Day 2 (8/17/99) - Donita Johnson Johnson

Our second day was kind of interesting. Our guide, Bill, provided us with lots of interesting facts on our trip through Vancouver as well as some unneeded information.

After the tour, Becky and I went out for lunch and found a secret hiding spot where we said when we ever want to get away again, that's where we'll go. We had a very nice meal and some cool frozen drinks, non-alcoholic, of course!

Later on that day, Max and I decided we were going to spend a little quality time together for the simple fact that she had completely dissed me the whole summer. We decided to use this time to catch up. We shopped all day long!

After walking up and down the strip all day, we finally ran into a couple of our teammates, Mina, Kristen, Erin and Jill. Erin was especially excited because she found a tall girl shop. She said, "I bought a long skirt and some girl pants." I was really happy for her!

Once we got back to the hotel and rested our feet for a minute, Max and I decided to go out for pizza. We ran into a nice pizza parlor where we could sit outside and eat (that way Max could flirt with anything that walked by!).

Of course, after eating pizza, Max felt the need to workout so she dragged me to the weight room to lift a little bit. I was dead to the world after that long day.

This trip should be really fun, I think it might help us understand each other a little more. I can hardly wait until our first game! I kinda miss coach Langeland yelling to get us going. I also can't wait until I do something wrong and she gives me that famous KL look!

- Donita Johnson