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Women's Basketball Canadian Tour

Aug. 18, 1999

Vancouver, British Columbia -

DIARY ? Day 3 (8/18/99) - Nikki Davis

Today, Max, Becky and I decided to rent bikes and travel the scenic trails of Stanley Park. The area was just breathtaking.

It was quite a humorous ride actually. Becky was showing off a little bit on her bike. She went speeding down the hill and basically fell right on her face. Tire marks covered her legs along with a couple of scrapes. Max and I were laughing so hard that we almost ran into each other as well. It was quite amusing!

Overall, that experience was humbling. Sometimes I get caught up in wanting more instead of appreciating what is all around me. I was reminded of that today.

Tonight, we had our first game of the trip (not to mention Mina and my first game back). I guess I was nervous a little, but a lot of things happened to me this past year that have made my major fears seem mild. I thought I was pretty relaxed.

The game went slow at first. I think the high altitudes got the better of us in the first half. But the second half we had more confidence and a better performance. The Canadian team was pretty good to my surprise (Canada isn?t known for b-ball).

I never realized how scouting reports help the success of a team (we had nothing on Simon Fraser). We won 89-83. It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win.

I felt I could have played a lot better, but of course nothing short of perfection will satisfy me.

I put the word ?Daddy? on my shoes tonight because of his death this summer. Donita and Becky put his initials on their shoes too. It meant the WORLD to me!!

- Nikki Davis

DIARY ? Day 3 (Aug. 18, 1999) - Vnemina Reese Reese

Hi Everybody,

Today I did not do much other than rest up from yesterday's journey of shopping and walking around. I'm sorry I do not have a lot to say about today, I guess it's just one of those days.

The highlight of my day was the game. It was Nikki and my first game back from the injury. The best part was hearing coach call my name to go in the game.

I was nervous and excited all in one. I started off shaky, but after a while I got in the groove of things. And like Nikki said, the team started off shaky but did better in the end.

I've learned that everything that happens to me helps me through life and basketball. This last year with the injury and two years earlier sitting out to have my daughter, Lamina. With the sitting out and learning more about the game and also learning how much I love the game.

I just want to thank the coaches, my mom, dad, Lamina and most of all, God, for giving me the talent to play basketball.

- Vnemina Reese



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