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Women's Basketball Canadian Tour

Aug. 20, 1999

Vancouver, British Columbia -

DIARY ? Day 5 (8/20/99) - Kristen Rasmussen

Today was another beautiful, sunny day in Vancouver. We started this stunning day with a two hour bus ride to Whistler, B.C. On the way, we stopped and saw two of mother natures' greatest accomplishments. They were called Shannon Falls and Brandywine Falls. These sites were picturesque and a hot spot for team photos.

After these stops, we made it to Whistler. This was a quaint little area up in the mountains, with a whole slew of activities for us to do. Some of the entertainment taken part in included, shopping, a 20 minute (one way) ride up to the peak of Blackcomb Mountain, which is the tallest in British Columbia, eating and even bike riding.

Personally, I road bikes with Mina, Max, Donita and LouAnne (our trainer). The interesting part about this trip was we rented two tandem bikes and one regular bike ? Mina got the single bike, while LouAnne and I shared a tandem following the tandem of Max and Donita. Let's just say it was the funniest bike ride I have ever been on.

We decided to take the bikes for a ride around an unimaginably gorgeous view of Hidden Lake! However, Donita got the best view of the lake! This was a view I'll never forget. I'm sure Donita, Mina, Max and LouAnne won't forget either! (That's all the detail I can give!)

Our day Whistler ended at 5 p.m., which is 8:00 p.m., Michigan time. We got back on our bus and had an adventure on the way back. The drive from to Vancouver from Whistler is down hill with a lot of turns, which are close to the edge of the mountains. Our bus driver must have been in a hurry because he took the corners rather fast, leaving most of our party car sick.

After we scampered off the bus, we decided to go our separate ways to grab a bite to eat. This was another perfect day to add to our trip.

I would like to tell everyone we are enjoying this trip immensely! Also, to thank all of you for supporting us. We wish you could all be here sharing these wonderful moments with us. However, by looking forward to the season, we should have many more to come!

In closing, I would like to send out a special hello to JKAKA, LBK, DJG, Bert, AHK and N-DOG. Thanks for all your support! Go STATE!

- Love, Kristen Rasmussen



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