Women's Basketball Canadian Tour

Aug. 22, 1999

Victoria, British Columbia -

DIARY ? Day 7 (8/22/99) - Whitney Winberg

It's so beautiful out here! After six days in Vancouver, we left today for Victoria. We took a huge ferry out to the island. It had enough room for about 15+ buses and numerous cars! The trip took almost two hours, but we spent most of it outside on the deck soaking up the sun and looking at the scenery. I kind of hoped we might see some whales, but no luck. I'm sure they steer clear of the ferries most of the time.

We finally pulled into port and took a quick tour of downtown Victoria on the way to the hotel. Our hotel is near Chinatown, so a few of us decided to get some authentic Chinese food at a restaurant our bus driver recommended. The food was great, although I had to try to teach everyone how to use the chopsticks. I think Max and Nikki might be lost causes, and Jill just stabs her food with one chopstick! To each their own, I guess.

My lemon chicken was fantastic and everyone seemed to enjoy it. On the walk back to the hotel we looked in the shops lining the main street. In addition to a candy store and a strange place full of magnets, there were numerous street performers, mostly singers. Max and LouAnne insisted that they could do a better job but refused to put their singing skills to the test.

As we walked along our group gradually split up until Mina, Max and I were headed back to the hotel. A bike-taxi guy flagged us down and offered to take us back, so we figured, why not? I think he got the worst end of the deal, since he had to pedal the three of us up a very steep hill. I didn't think we were going to make it up, but eventually (after much struggling), he got to the top and dropped us off.

We have a tour of some gardens tomorrow morning and then another game, so I'm going to rest up tonight and hopefully kick the rest of my cold. I've been hauling a kleenex box with me everywhere this entire trip!

Nevertheless, this had been (and still is!) a great trip through some beautiful country with the best people. I can't believe this is my last year with Spartan basketball! But after it's over, I'll be able to cherish these memories and the people who brought them to me.

Big Hi to anyone checking in: Mom, Dad, Ross, Ade, Kara, Willie, Prof. Julius, and of course, MUCH LOVE to J. Jones (thought I'd forget, didn't you?)

- Whitney Winberg

DIARY ? Day 7 (8/22/99) - Head Coach Karen Langeland Langeland

Vancouver to Victoria, what an incredible ride. The ferry was huge, with tons of amenities. Everyone seemed to enjoy the bright sunshine and fantastic scenery. It is nice to see my players and coaching staff enjoying themselves so much.

There is always some apprehension on my part with a trip of this length?is everyone going to get along, will they like the tours we have planned and will our accommodations be o.k.? Well, you get the picture. Imagine planning a vacation for 20 people!

Basketball Travelers, our tour company has done a great job. I met with Nels Hawkinson in Dallas eight weeks ago to finalize the plans. To date, everything has gone smoothly and I?ve enjoyed the trip tremendously.

Our three games against the Simon Fraser All-Stars were so beneficial. I have had an opportunity to start nine different players and hopefully, a couple more will have the chance here in Victoria. We are playing well ? for August.

Actually, we picked up where we left off after the Women's NIT. Our three games have all provided a variety of scenarios, and therefore many learning experiences. I do feel badly that our incoming freshman, Maria Recker and Jennifer Callier, were not permitted (NCAA rules) to join us on this trip. This would have been a great way to introduce them to MSU Basketball.

I am so proud to be associated with this group of women. Michigan State is fortunate to be represented by each and every one of them. They each bring a unique personality to the dynamics of this team. Our experiences together will enrich our relationships with one another and certainly help us to become a stronger team.

One final note, I have thoroughly enjoyed the support from the families and friends who have accompanied us on this trip. They have been a wonderful addition to the trip!

- KL