Women's Basketball Canadian Diary

Aug. 23, 1999

Victoria, British Columbia -

DIARY ? Day 8 (8/23/99) - Maxann Reese

Hello everyone, here's the lady you've all been waiting for (Mad Max). I bet you guys can't wait to hear abut my first time experience in Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Well to be honest, I love it in Victoria, but I liked it better in Vancouver. There are more things to do in Vancouver. It stays very busy, while Victoria is a more calm and relaxing place to be.

I have to admit that everyone here is having a good time and we are all enjoying one another's company.

Now, let me tell you about myself and the things I have done since I've been here. I've gone shopping, of course, and gone to some very exciting restaurants as well as tours around the city. Donita, Nikki, Becky and I were usually together a lot when we took or did some adventurous things. Such as riding the tandem bikes in Whistler and going bike riding in Vancouver. We did it all.

So, to make a long story short, I've never been here before so I have really enjoyed myself. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to get away from home for a while. It's great.

Last, but not least, I know that you are all anxious to see me. So get your balloons and hugs ready for the girls and I when we get home on Wednesday night.

- Love, Max

DIARY ? Day 8 (8/23/99) - Assistant Coach Chris Powers Powers

Hello from Victoria! Our journey is quickly coming to an end ? and what an experience it's been. We've not only had an opportunity to get a head start on our season, but it's been a great way to bond, as well.

Currently we are 3-0 and are looking forward to improving to 4-0 after tonight (Editor's note: The team defeated Victoria, 88-52, to go to 4-0). Simon Fraser proved to be a worthy opponent, as it took all twelve players contributing in order to win.

The point guard was definitely the strength of the Simon Fraser team ? she was very impressive. The tough competition will only help Christie and Mina come November.

What's British Columbia like? I've been fortunate enough to have traveled to a lot of different places throughout the U.S. ? B.C. ranks right up there with some of the most beautiful. Vancouver and Victoria are fairly large cities in a national park type setting.

The mountain ranges are reminiscent of the Tetons and the cities similar to San Francisco. For you travelers ? it's a must.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is sailing day. Eight of us have a boat reserved for three hours in the morning. Don?t worry, there will be a sailing captain taking us out! The cast will include the coaching staff ? minus A.J. I think the ferry trip over here from Vancouver was enough water for her. I'll make sure to have C.J. let you know how it goes when she writes tomorrow.

What great experiences our involvement in basketball has afforded all of us. Each one of us has different people to whom we are grateful, but as a group ? it's to you our supporters that we say thank you.

The only let down of the trip ? I haven't seen any pumpkin patches!

- Chris