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Women's Basketball Canadian Tour

Aug. 26, 1999

Victoria, British Columbia -

DIARY ? Day 10 (8/25/99) ? Erin Skelly

We are on our way home now and I everyone is torn. We are happy to being back, but would have like to seen more. This trip has done so much for the team. We have all become so close and are extremely exited to see what happens in the 1999-2000 season.

I also had no idea a bike could flip like it did and rocks could be so slippery as I was parading on them up a river.

We gained a lot with the extra 10 days of practice. Those days now won't have to be spent in October. We will be able to start where we left off.

I really enjoyed this trip, it was a lot more than I had expected. I must admit I wasn't sure what to think of coming to Canada since we live so close already, but Vancouver is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen. I would come back in a couple of years.

The mountains next to the ocean were amazing. All of the shopping was fun, it was nice to see some different stores than in the States.

I would like to thank all of the Fastbreak Club members and supporters who made this trip possible. It was a memorable experience for all of us. There are many events that will stick with us for life. We all learned something new about nature, others and ourselves. Thanks again and I'm sure that everyone will see the results of this trip come November 13.

Lastly, I would like to say hi to Mom, Dad, Jenny, Andrea, Mary, Josh, Mr. and Mrs. S and Jason.

- Erin #45

DIARY ? Day 10 (8/25/99) - Shelley Appelbaum, Associate Athletic Director

The final day of our women's basketball tour has arrived. The last 10 days have been a meaningful experience for the individuals associated with Michigan State University Women's Basketball.

Coach Langeland, her staff and team, and the supporters have enjoyed the trip to Canada. In short, it was a tremendous opportunity for the team to ?bond? and gain valuable playing experience against talented ?all-star? teams in the Vancouver and Victoria area. In addition, the trip has provided numerous spectacular sight seeing tours balanced with a basketball theme throughout the excursion.

The team played well and earned a 5-0 record, they demonstrated to yet another part of the North American continent that Big Ten women's basketball, Spartan style, is talented, intense, and ready to embark upon the 1999-2000 season.

With 12 returning players (all healthy again!) and several incoming freshman, it should be another exciting year for the Spartans. This trip, when we reflect upon the 1999-2000 season next spring, will en up being a significant factor in contributing to a successful season for Coach Langeland's squad.

As I reflect on this tour and define its meaning, it is important to point out the word OPPORTUNITY. Today's intercollegiate student-athletes, coaches and staff members are fortunate to have access to incredible opportunities throughout their respective careers.

The ?student-athlete experience? is why we are in this profession. The foundation in higher education is to educate, to demonstrate a competitive spirit and to assist in preparation for the ?game of life? with confidence, passion and the hope for all good things in the years ahead.

The student-athletes in MSU women?s basketball program have earned and appreciated this opportunity to explore the Vancouver/Victoria, B.C. area! Likewise, they have enhanced their basketball skills individually and collectively.

A sincere thanks to Coach Langeland, her staff and team, and to our loyal supporters for making the 1999 summer tour to Canada possible. It has been an ?action-packed? 10-day trip that has yielded successful results for the program. Our team has presented themselves in a first class fashion and made MSU proud ? as always!

I am appreciative of the opportunity to travel with our wbb program as their sport administrator. Thank you and best wishes for a healthy, exciting, and highly successful season. October will be here before we know it?

- Shelley Appelbaum



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