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Midnight Mania Hits East Lansing

Oct. 16, 1999

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Maxann Reese (left) and Abby Salscheider sign posters.

The MSU women sign for fans. Junior Donita Johnson is introduced.

Head coach Karen Langeland addresses the crowd.

Senior Maxann Reese is greeted by the Spartan faithful. Senior Kristen Rasmussen enters the arena.

MSU tips off the 1999-2000 season. Rookies Jennifer Callier (left) and Maria Recker get ready to check into their first practice. Fans begin arriving at the Breslin Center as midnight approaches.

The MSU drumline entertains the fans. Mateen Cleaves and teammates sign autographs for fans. Head coach Tom Izzo greets fans.

Morris Peterson is all smiles as the new season begins. The Spartans' first practice. Head coach Tom Izzo makes his grand entrance on a Harley.

Charlie Bell makes his way through the crowd. Mike Chappell is greeted by Al Anagonye and Sparty. Mateen Cleaves makes his formal entrance.



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