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Spartans Start Strong at Oak Ridge

March 15, 2014

Michigan State kicked off the season on Saturday with races at the Oak Ridge Cardinal Regatta, held on Melton Lake in Oak Ridge, Tenn. Hosted by Louisville, The Spartans are among a strong spate of crews which includes Virginia, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Minnesota, Tennessee, Duke, Alabama, Dayton, Kansas and West Virginia in addition to the host Cardinals.

"The good news out of today is that we did get some wins," said head coach Matt Weise. "However, I didn't think that we raced particularly well. Last week at Alabama, I was pleased when we really laid it all out there in 1,000 meter pieces. I would have liked to see more of that today; Instead, I thought we were tentative and held back a bit. The challenge to our team tomorrow is to be much more aggressive. If we have a change in our mentality, I think our boats have a real chance to be fast. I'd like to see them show us that on Sunday."

The Spartans opened with four wins in six races against Duke and Kansas. MSU finished a half-length behind Duke in the varsity eight race, but both had significant open water over Kansas. The Spartans had open water over Kansas in the second varsity eight, and also posted wins in the second varsity four (by a length over Kansas) as well as in both novice eights. Kansas posted a win in the varsity four. Duke's only victory came in the varsity eight, as the Blue Devils finished third in each of their other races on the day.

In the afternoon session, the Spartans came back and posted a win over Tennessee by a length in the varsity eight race. The second varsity eight trailed at the 1500 meter mark, but made a nice series of moves in the final stretch to overcome the Lady Vols in the sprint and post a three-second victory. MSU's four had some lineup changes mid-day, and fell to Tennessee by half a length, while MSU's second four posted a margin of more than 50 seconds over Tennessee. In the novice eight race, it was a four-boat affair, as the Spartans lost by three seats to Virginia, but were nearly 20 seconds ahead of host Louisville, and were clocked at more than a minute ahead of Tennessee.



The Spartans have a series of races on Sunday morning before returning to East Lansing. The Spartans will line up with Virginia and Louisville, with racing beginning at 9:15 am. Follow @oakridgerowing for live updates on all races throughout the day on Sunday.

Morning Session: vs. Duke, Kansas

Varsity Eight
Duke 6:39.400; Michigan State 6:41.040; Kansas 6:53.509

Second Varsity Eight
Michigan State 6:47.700; Kansas 6:56.125; Duke 6:58.227

Varsity Four
Kansas 7:34.800; Michigan State 7:42.851; Duke 7:45.945

Second Varsity Four
Michigan State 7:39.600; Kansas 7:44.780; Duke 7:53.084

Novice Eight
Michigan State 6:57.000; Kansas 7:17.910; Duke 7:25.660

Second Novice Eight
Michigan State 7:14.100; Kansas 7:25.893

Afternoon Session: vs. Tennessee, Wisconsin lightweights

Varsity Eight
Michigan State 6:44.800; Tennessee 6:50.726; Wisconsin LW 7:02.48

Second Varsity Eight
Michigan State 7:01.400; Tennessee 7:04.850; Wisconsin LW 7:23.490

Varsity Four
Tennessee 7:47.500; Michigan State 7:50.023

Second Varsity Four
Michigan State 7:58.000; Tennessee 8:49.860

Novice Eight
Virginia- 7:07.700; Michigan State 7:09.280; Louisville - 7:28.079 Tennessee 8:11.540

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