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Rowing Splits Squad, Competes Against Strong Competition

March 31, 2018

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. & COLUMBUS, Ohio – No. 18 Michigan State competed at two separate races Saturday, with the NCAA boats racing in the Pac-12 Challenge in California and the novices, 2v4 and 3v4 boats competing at Ohio State.

The NCAA boats - the two varsity eights and the varsity four - raced head-to-head against tough competition in No. 12 USC and No. 2 Cal on Saturday in California.

“We had good progressions in our racing today. The varsity four had an excellent race against USC this morning. They found a good rhythm and led the race most of the way,” said head coach Matt Weise. “The varsity eight settled into a pace that was too slow in the base of the race and gave up too much to USC. The 2v8 is a new lineup and struggled to find any rhythm this morning.”

In the first race of the day, MSU’s varsity eight finished just over six seconds behind USC, clocking in at a time of 6:33.95. USC’s eight finished at 6:27.50.

The varsity four earned a huge open-water win, clocking in at 7:24.28 while USC posted a time of 7:30.79.

“The varsity four raced great this morning against USC. They were composed, in control of the race, and came away with an open-water victory,” said assistant coach Samantha Sarff. “This afternoon against Cal we didn’t quite have the same control and weren’t able to find a sustainable and fast rhythm. We race Stanford tomorrow morning and if we row our race and establish our usual rhythm, we will be successful and post more great results.”

The afternoon session found the Spartans racing against Cal, with MSU making good strides in competition.

“The eights rebounded in their performance this afternoon against Cal. The varsity eight did a much better job of staying consistent through the middle of the race. The 2v8 was much more focused as a unit and made a great progression from the morning race. Both eights made good strides and I think will continue to improve in our race tomorrow morning. The four’s seemed to not find the rhythm that they had in the morning and will need to be more aggressive as a unit tomorrow,” added Weise.

MSU’s varsity eight placed second behind Cal, earning a time of 6:40.9 while Cal finished in 6:15.5.

In Columbus, Michigan State’s novice eight finished three seats behind host Ohio State (6:41.8), with a time of 6:47.33. Virginia placed second in the race (6:45.88) and Michigan took fourth (6:47.64).

The 2v4 earned a second-place finish behind Michigan, finishing at 7:30.53.

“Today provides some of the toughest racing we have seen all season in the novice category and I think it was beneficial to see multiple other novice crews from the Big Ten schools,” said head novice coach Liz England. “Both the varsity fours and novice eights built on what they learned last weekend at the Ivy League/Big Ten Duel and now we are ready to get back to training in preparation for next weekend’s racing in Ann Arbor.”

The Spartan’s NCAA boats continue competition at the Pac-12 Challenge Sunday morning, racing against host No. 10 Stanford.

Pac-12 Challenge

Morning Session

Varsity Eight
1. USC 6:27.50; 2. Michigan State 6:33.95

Second Varsity Eight
1. USC 6:36.41; 2. Michigan State 6:44.43

Varsity Four
1. Michigan State 7:24.28; 2. USC 7:30.79

Afternoon Session

Varsity Eight
1. Cal 6:15.5; 2.    Michigan State 6:37.7

Second Varsity Eight
1. Cal 6:26.4; 2. Michigan State 6:40.9

Varsity Four
1. Cal 7:15.5; 2. Michigan State 7:45.9

Ohio State

Second Varsity Four
1. Michigan 7:13.7; 2. Michigan State 7:30.53

Third Varsity Four
1. Virginia 7:24.00; 2. Ohio State 7:26.18; 3. Michigan 7:31.52; 4. Michigan State 7:44.93

First Novice Eight
1. Ohio State 6:41.8; 2. Virginia 6:45.88; 3. Michigan State 6:47.33; 4. Michigan 6:47.64

Second Novice Eight
1. Virginia 6:52.5; 2. Ohio State 6:58.65; 3. Michigan 7:08.33; 4. Michigan State 7:24.82

Second Varsity Four
1. Ohio State 7:42.8; 2. Michigan State 8:08.72



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