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Spartans Produce Solid Day in Big Ten Double Dual

April 7, 2018

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Michigan State traveled to Ann Arbor to race in the Big Ten Double Dual against No. 11 Iowa and No. 16 Indiana, racing tough against two ranked Big Ten opponents. The race was held on Belleville Lake on Saturday.
The other side of the dual featured No. 6 Michigan racing against both Iowa and Indiana. The Spartans raced Iowa in the morning before going head-to-head against IU in the afternoon session of the day.

Despite falling to Iowa in the morning session, Michigan State’s varsity eight and second varsity eight came out strong in the afternoon session,  pacing the Green & White to a win over the No. 16 Hoosiers.  

All boats had to combat strong winds and unseasonably cold temperatures in Saturday’s race. The race schedule was revised earlier in the week in an attempt to make the rowing conditions more tolerable.

“Part of what we talked about yesterday was being cold, not miserable, and the team really responded to the challenge of the conditions and responded to the challenge of the day. We’re racing well, we closed some of the gaps from the previous week,” said head coach Matt Weise. “All of the boats did a nice job of handling the wind and the cold. We’ve had four straight weeks of racing and they have done a really good job of dealing with that and energizing each other. I was really proud of the way they raced today and how they looked out for each other.”

MSU’s varsity eight and second varsity eight boats both fell to Iowa in the morning but were able to rebound in the afternoon session. The v8 earned a time of 6:28.18 while Iowa finished at 6:17.70. The 2v8 tallied a time of 6:50.02, behind Iowa’s time of 6:36.1.

The Spartans’ varsity eight came in two full seconds ahead of Indiana in the afternoon, posting a 6:28.3 while IU came in at 6:30.11. MSU got out to a strong start, pushing through the first 500. They were able to hold the lead through the third 500 and maintain the advantage through the finish.  
The second varsity eight finished in 6:34.50, about a half-length ahead of Indiana, (6:36.93). The Spartans had a strong start and opened  a lead of a full length lead over the Hoosiers by the 1,000 meter mark. IU gained ground in the final 500, but MSU was able to hold on to get the win.
MSU’s novice eight had a dominant day, sweeping competition in both sessions with open water victories.

The Spartans’ first novice eight clocked a time of 6:48.92, while the Hawkeyes posted a 7:00.61.
The second novice eight earned a time of 7:22.08, coming in nearly 20 seconds in front of Iowa who finished at 7:41.74.

“It was a great weekend for the entire program,” said assistant coach Liz England. “After challenging conditions on our home water this week, both of the novice boats came to the course with a lot of energy and executed well. This was another big step for these women as they prepare for the final push of our season.”

The varsity four (7:30.35), fell by a length to the Hawkeyes (7:25.27), while the second varsity four (7:46.37), was defeated by Iowa (7:39.04) in the morning.   
In the afternoon session of racing, the varsity four fell to Indiana with IU coming in at 7:24.3 and MSU finishing at 7:42.31.

The second and third varsity four boats beat the Hoosiers by open water, with the 2v4 recording a 7:38.06 and the 3v4 posting a 7:42.80. Indiana’s 2v4 collected a 7:44.48 and the 3v4 boat posted a 7:57.05.

MSU’s third varsity four also claimed a commanding victory in the morning over the Hawkeyes by 11 seconds, finishing with a time of 7:39.2. Iowa earned a time of 7:50.74 in that race.

“The third varsity four came away with two pretty convincing open-water victories over Iowa and Indiana. It was great to see them take such command over the races and not only get ahead, but to keep pushing once they were ahead,” said assistant coach Samantha Sarff. “The second varsity four didn’t quite have the race we planned for against Iowa, but they were able to regroup and come out swinging against Indiana gaining another open water victory. There’s a lot of power in this boat and it was great to see them tap into that and have such great control and poise throughout the whole race. All three of the four’s were able to show a lot of grit in their races and development in the races that we have been working on.”

The Spartans will resume racing on April 22 when they head to Columbus, Ohio to compete in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, racing against Duke and Notre Dame.
First Varsity Eight
1. Iowa -- 6:17.70
2. MSU -- 6:28.18
Second Varsity Eight
1. Iowa -- 6:36.1
2. MSU -- 6:50.02
First Varsity Four
1. Iowa -- 7:25.27
2. MSU -- 7:30.35
Second Varsity Four
1. Iowa -- 7:39.04
2. MSU -- 7:46.37
Third Varsity Four
1. MSU -- 7:39.2
2. Iowa -- 7:50.74
First Novice Eight
1. MSU -- 6:48.92
2. Iowa -- 7:00.61

Second Novice Eight
1. MSU -- 7:22.08
2. Iowa -- 7:41.74
First Varsity Eight
1. MSU -- 6:28.3
2. Indiana -- 6:30.11
Second Varsity Eight
1. MSU -- 6:34.50
2. Indiana -- 6:36.93
First Varsity Four
1. Indiana -- 7:24.3
2. MSU -- 7:42.31
Second Varsity Four
1. MSU -- 7:38.06
2. Indiana -- 7:44.48
Third Varsity Four
1. MSU -- 7:42.80
2. Indiana -- 7:57.05
First Novice Eight
1. MSU -- 7:00.64
2. Indiana -- 7:31.46
Second Novice Eight
1. MSU -- 7:26.05
2. Indiana - 7:42.63



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