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Spartans Beat Indiana, Fall to Buckeyes and Wolverines

April 13, 2013

East Lansing, Mich. - - Michigan State battled a trio of Big Ten opponents in addition to the elements on Belleville Lake on Saturday morning. The day originally was scheduled to be a double-dual with MSU and Michigan racing No. 4 Ohio State and Indiana; however, a threat of inclement weather on Saturday forced officials to alter the schedule to a four-boat race in each boat class. MSU defeated Indiana, but fell to both host Michigan and the fourth-ranked Buckeyes.

"I thought that we made some really good progress from our last races two weeks ago, and we are moving in a positive direction. Its going to be important for us to make another big jump before our next races, because those will be critical for us. Right now, we're just focusing on continuing to get better - and how quickly we can do that will depend on our levels of success yet this season.

OSU won five of seven races on the day, including in each of the NCAA boats (varsity eight, second varsity eight, varsity four). In the varsity eight, OSU pulled to an open-water victory over second-place Michigan (6:38.15), while MSU was fourth in a time of 6:54.13. MSU finished third in the second varsity eight (6:54.63), edged at the finish by a bowball by the Wolverines (6:56.3). Ohio State was first in a time of 6:48.1.

In the fours, MSU was fourth in a time of 8:20.9, and finished third in the second varsity four, a length behind second-place Michigan in a time o f 7:43.4.

MSU's novices were third in a time of 7:05.3, a length behind Ohio State (7:01.1) and Michigan (6:58.8). The second novice eight was behind Michigan's second and third novice eight boats.

Varsity Eight: (1) Ohio State 6:32.7; (2) Michigan 6:38.15; (3) Indiana 6:51.72; (4) Michigan State 6:54.13
Second Varsity Eight: (1) Ohio State 6:48.1; (2) Michigan 6:56.3; (3) Michigan State 6:56.63; (4) Indiana 7:04.57
Varsity Four: (1) Ohio State 7:33.9; (2) Michigan 7:37.9; (3) Indiana 7:51.4; (4) Michigan State 8:20.9
Second Varsity Four:(1) Ohio State 7:42.4; (2) Michigan 7:43.4; (3) Michigan State 7:47.8; (4) Indiana 8:22.8
Third Varsity Four: (1) Ohio State 7:43.8; (2) Michigan 7:46.6; (3) Michigan 8:29.6
Novice Eight: (1) Michigan 6:58.8; (2) Ohio State 7:01.1; (3) Michigan State 7:05.3; (4) Indiana 7:07.4
Second Novice Eight: (1) Michigan 2N8 6:41.6 (2) Michigan 3N8 6:53.1; (3) Michigan State 6:59.2; (4) Ohio State 7:07.5



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