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Rowers Complete Dual Season vs. Three Ranked Teams

April 23, 2011

Columbus, Ohio - Michigan State's second varsity eight went undefeated for the second straight weekend to highlight the efforts of the Spartan crews on Saturday in Columbus, Ohio . MSU got an important victory in the varsity eight over No. 17 Washington State in the afternoon session and lost by two seats to conference rival Ohio State in the morning.

"We really had some shuffling of the lineup this week because of some illness, and some of our athletes really stepped up and did a nice job for us," said head coach Matt Weise. "We had to change our lineup for the varsity boat mid-day, and we also put a novice in our second eight and she did great. The second eight really continues to do a nice job, and we still have some questions we need to answer in the four."

The second varsity eight, the reigning Big Ten Boat of the Week, had open-water victories over both Ohio State (+9.5 seconds) and Washington State (+4.2 seconds). MSU's varsity eight led Ohio State by about six seats at the 1000 meter mark and the crews were even with 250 meters to go. MSU could not match the Buckeyes in the sprint, and fell by two seats (1.2 seconds). The Spartans, who had a lineup change between sessions in the boat, came back in the afternoon session to post a victory over No. 17 Washington State by nearly a length. MSU's varsity four had a rougher day than either of MSU's other two NCAA boats. The Spartans fell by 11 seconds to the Bucleyes in the morning session, then by a 17.8-second margin to the Cougars. The Spartans lined up twice with Ohio State and Michigan in the second fours, and fell to the Buckeyes in both races (cutting the margin from 6.3 seconds to 2.9 seconds in the second race). Michgian finished third in both races. The Novice eights fell in open-water margins to both the Buckeyes and the Cougars, while the second novice eight beat Ohio State twice, but fell to Michigan twice - despite cutting into the margin in the second race.



The Spartans will take a break for some much -needed rest after a busy April and to prepare for final exams. MSU will next compete in three weeks at the Big Ten Championships in Indianapolis. This will be the first season of a neutral-site format with seven boats across instead of morning heats with Grand and Petite Finals in a second session. The racing will be held on Eagle Creek Reservoir.

No. 7 Michigan State vs. No. 11 Ohio State, No. 17 Washington State
April 23, 2011 * Griggs Reservoir, Scioto River * Columbus, Ohio

Second Novice Eight

Michigan - 7:13.7; Michigan State - 7:29.2; Ohio State - 7:38.9
Michigan - 7:12.7; Michigan State - 7:24.6; Ohio State - 7:26.4

First Novice Eight
Ohio State - 7:11.2; Michigan State - 7:17.9
Washington State - 7:03.0; Michigan State - 7:17

Second Varsity Four
Ohio State - 7:42.8; Michigan State - 7:49.1; Michigan - 7:54.2
Ohio State - 7:32.2; Michigan State - 7:35.1; Michigan - 7:40.7

B> Varsity Four
Ohio State - 7:38.7; Michigan State - 7:49.8
Washington State - 7:28.1; Michigan State - 7:45.9

Second Varsity Eight
Michigan State - 6:51.0; Ohio State - 7:00.5
Michigan State - 6:45.8; Washington State - 6:50.0

First Varsity Eight
Ohio State - 6:34.9; Michigan State - 6:36.1
Michigan State - 6:39.0; Washington State - 6:42.7

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