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Spartans Win Three Races To Wrap Boston Trip

April 23, 2017

No. 17 Michigan State wrapped its Boston weekend with three wins – including in two of the three NCAA boats - over both No. 16 Harvard/Radcliffe and Boston College on Sunday morning on the Charles River.

The Spartans took wins in the varsity eight, varsity four, and the third varsity four races, but head coach Matt Weise was pleased with the effort of all of his crews.

“I really thought it was a great day of racing all around,” said the head coach. “I thought that compared to yesterday, everyone was much better composed and really pushed the pace today. The varsity four really had a great race, and while they didn’t win, I was really happy to see the race we got from the second varsity eight – they gave us what we were looking for and probably rowed their best race of the season. The varsity eight really did a nice job start to finish. They pushed the pace and stayed within themselves, and really capped the weekend on a high note for all of us. I’m really pleased with the weekend on the whole – I think we’re headed in the right direction.”

The varsity eight held a one-seat lead at the 500 meter mark, and started to open up and pushed their lead out to three seats at the halfway point. The Spartans pushed their lead to six seats and out to a full length as the teams approached the final sprint, and crossed the line in a time of 6:34.2, about a seat of open water over their hosts, who finished in 6:39.1. Boston College was 14 seconds behind Radcliffe. The varsity four finished in a time of 7:30.9, just under a length ahead of Radcliffe (7:33.6), and both crews were about 30 seconds ahead of the Eagles. MSU also took a win in the third varsity four (7:37.0), outpacing the Black and White by 19 seconds (7:56.2) and nearly a full minute ahead of Radcliffe’s fourth varsity four (8:31.6)

Radcliffe had eight seconds on MSU’s second varsity eight at the finish (6:44.6- 6:52.6), and the second four was a margin of about 15 seconds (7:42.4 – 7:57.0). In the novice eight / third varsity eight, Radcliffe crossed the line in 7:04.3, and MSU was second in 7:13.0. Boston College had two entries in the event, which finished in 7:27.2 and 7:31.7.



The Spartans will host a series of scrimmages next weekend on the Grand River, in preparation for the Big Ten Championships on May 14-15 in Indianapolis, Ind.

MSU at Radcliffe with Boston College
Varsity Eight: 1. Michigan State 6:34.2 2. Radcliffe 6:39.1. 3. Boston College 6:53.3
Second Varsity Eight: 1. Radcliffe 6:44.6; 2. Michigan State 6:52.6; 3. Boston College 7:04.8
Varsity Four: 1. Michigan State 7:30.9; 2. Radcliffe 7:33.6; 3. Boston College 8:00.0
Second Varsity Four: 1. Radcliffe 7:42.4; 2. Michigan State 7:57.0. 3. Boston College 8:11.6
Third Varsity Four: 1. Michigan State 7:37.0; 2. Radcliffe 7:56.2; . 3. Radcliffe D 8:31.6
Novice Eight: 1. Radcliffe 7:04.3; 2. Michigan State 7:13. 0; . 3. Boston College 7:27.2; 4. Boston College B 7:31.7

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