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Duke, Virginia Down MSU

April 27, 2013

East Lansing, Mich. - - Michigan State traveled to Virginia for a pair of dual races on Saturday, taking on both the defending National Champion Cavaliers and Duke in a pair of dual races on Lake Monticello. The racing this weekend for MSU featured solely "NCAA boats" - the varsity eight, second varsity eight, and varsity four. The Spartans lost all three races to fourth-ranked UVA, and managed a second varsity eight victory against Duke.

"I really thought that the afternoon session was much better for us," said head coach Matt Weise. "We're still very much a work in progress, and had some significant changes in personnel in our two eights over the last week. I think that the second eight made a really nice jump between the morning and afternoon, in terms of how they raced. All the crews were able to shrink the margins in the afternoon session, and I think they are really figuring out how hard we have to work to continue to gain more speed before the Big Ten Championships."

The varsity eight lost an open-water race to Virginia in the morning, as the host Cavaliers turned in the fastest race time of the day (6:23.8), and MSU crossed the line in a time of 6:46.4. In the afternoon, MSU fell to Duke, finishing in a time of 6:55.2; the Blue Devils clocked a 6:47.5.

The second eight saw a three-boat race in the morning session, as Virginia had two entries. MSU crossed in a time of 6:51.1, second to the Cavaliers' "A" boat (6:43.0), but ahead of UVA's "B" entry, (7:07.3). The second eight gave the Spartans a victory in the afternoon, downing Duke in a time of 7:00.3; the Blue Devils saw the Spartans increase their lead at the finish to a open water as Duke crossed the line in 7:05.4.

MSU's varsity four also had a three-boat race in the morning, falling to both of Virginia's entries by open water; MSU crossed the line in a time of 7:51.7, 8.5 seconds behind UVA's "B" boat and 15 seconds behind the "A" entry. In the afternoon session. MSU saw improvement, falling by three seats to Duke. MSU was clocked in a time of 7:54.9, and Duke 7:51.7.



The Spartans get back to Big Ten action next weekend, when they head to Madison, Wis to line up with Minnesota in addition to the host Badgers. It will be the last dual racing of the season for MSU, which will then have a one-week hiatus before the Big Ten Championships on May 15 in Indianapolis.

MSU vs. No. 4 Virginia:
Varsity Eight: Virginia 6:23.8, Michigan State 6:46.4
Second Varsity Eight: Virginia A 6:43.0, Michigan State 6:51.1, Virginia B 7:07.3
Varsity Four: Virginia A 7:34.5, Virginia B 7:42.2, Michigan State 7:51.7

MSU vs. Duke:
Varsity Eight: Duke 6:47.5, Michigan State 6:55.2
Second Varsity Eight: Michigan State 7:00.3, Duke 7:05.04
Varsity Four: Duke 7:51.7, Michigan State 7:54.9

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