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MSU Eighth at Big Ten Championships

May 13, 2018

East Lansing, Mich. -- - Ohio State took home gold medals in every race to win the 2018 Big Ten Championship Regatta on Sunday, May 12 at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis.

Michigan State finished in eighth place (47 points), as the Buckeyes won their unprecedented seventh consecutive Big Ten team championship. Michigan followed in second place with 163 points, Wisconsin finished third (118), Iowa claimed fourth (111), while Indiana rounded out the top five with 92 points. The Big Ten Network will air coverage of the Big Ten Rowing Championships on Sunday, May 20, at 11 a.m. ET.

"Overall, we just didn't have a great day," admitted head coach Matt Weise. "We started out well when our novices really put together some nice races - missing the podium by the smallest of margins and the third varsity four medalled - they really did a nice job. They raced well. The other fours were able to close the gap on some of the schools they had faced earlier in the year, which was a good measure for them.

In the varsity eights, today just did not come together for us. We had to try to crawl their way back into the race and it just was too much to overcome to get back into it. They've been so good all year and with all the work that the rowers put in, I thought they deserved a better fate than they got today. We're disappointed in the results, but not the effort."

The varsity eight was seventh in the premire race of the day, which was won by the Buckeyes (6:20.948), half a length ahead of Michigan (6:23.022). MSU finished in a time of 6:35.593, edged by Rutgers (632.461) for sixth place, and a half length ahead of Minnesota.

The second eight finished in a time of 6:46.335, which was four seconds behind Rutgers (6:42.329).

Michigan State's novice boats each took fourth place, narrowly missing a spot on the podium - the second novice eight finished one spot ahead of its seed in a time of 7:20.458, less than a second off the podium as Wisconsin edged MSU for the bronze medal in a time of 7:19.598. Ohio State was well ahead of the field in a time of 7:06.832, and Michigan just over a length back. The novice eight was engaged in a true battle with Michigan, missing out on the bronze by .003 seconds - the Wolverines were clocked in 7:01.242, and MSU the tip of the bowball behind in 7:01.245.



The Spartans got a lift in the next race, as the third varsity four earned a bronze medal in a time of 7:50.861, more than a length of open water ahead of fourth-place Indiana (7:57.865). Ohio State paced the field in 7:28.402.

In the first and second varsity fours, the Green and White did not fare as well - the second four finished in eighth place (7:48.630), while the first four was in sixth place, edging Iowa by nearly half a second at the finish. MSU was clocked in 7:33.263, behind fifth-place Indiana (7:29.402) and ahead of the Hawkeyes (7:33.848).

"The 3v4 started the varsity races off with a bronze medal, which was awesome. That boat was coming off their best week of practice on the season and they definitely carried it into the race today. It was awesome to see them find their speed and have a great race," noted fours coach Sam Sarff. "The 2v4 struggled a bit in their lineup the past couple of days, and weren't able to find the speed we've seen from them this season out on the course. The v4 raced their hearts out, and just came up short. Even though these aren't the results we wanted, I'm proud of the work these fours did this year. We have a lot of athletes beginning to really figure things out in this group and are ready for the next step. Amy Puidokas in the 3v4 made big strides this year. As did Hannah Hentgen, Madison Sturm, and Mia Inman- all of whom are rising seniors and can have a big impact next season, too."

Senior Kasidy Higgins was named therecipient of the Big Ten Sportsmanship Award. Nicole Marek was named First Team All-Big Ten, and Lindsey Kli earned Second Team honors.

2018 Big Ten Championship Regatta • Indianapolis, Ind. • May 12, 2018

TEAM SCORES: 1. Ohio State, 192 2. Michigan, 163; 3. Wisconsin, 118; 4. Iowa, 111; 5. Indiana, 92; 6. Minnesota; 90; 7. Rutgers, 51; 8. Michigan State, 47

Varsity Eight: 1. Ohio State 6:20.948; 2. Michigan 6:23.022; 3. Iowa 6:24.668; 4. Wisconsin 6:28.900; 5. Indiana 6:30.742; 6. Rutgers 6;:32.461; 7. Michigan State 6:35.593; 8. Minnesota 6:37.772

Second Varsity Eight: 1. Ohio State 6:26.642; 2. Michigan 6:27.604; 3. Iowa 6:30.463 4. Wisconsin 6:31.983; 5. Indiana 6:35.841; 6. Minnesota 6:39.932; 7. Rutgers 6:42.329; 8. Michigan State 6:46.335

Varsity Four:: 1. Ohio State 7:13.262; 2. Minnesota 7:22.195; 3. Michigan 7:24.362; 4. Wisconsin 7:28.645; 5. Indiana 7:29.402; 6. Michigan State 7:33.263; 7. Iowa 7:33.848; 8. Rutgers 7:38.264

Second Varsity Four: 1. Ohio State 7:16.111; 2. Michigan 7:22.043; 3. Indiana 7:30.631; 4. Wisconsin 7:37.574; 5. Rutgers 7:39.026; 6. Iowa 7:40.719; 7. Minnesota 7:45.852; 8. Michigna State 7:48.630

Third Varsity Four: 1. Ohio State 7:28.402; 2. Michigan 7:41.455; 3. Michigan State 7:50.861; 4. Indiana 7:57.865; 5. Wisconsin 8:02.968; 6. Iowa 8:04.466; 7. Minnesota 8:10.195; 8. Rutgers 8:17.931

Novice Eight: 1. Ohio State 6:55.738; 3. Minnesota 6:58.904; 3. Michigan 7:01.242; 4. Michigan State 7:01.259; 5. Wisconsin 7:06.259; 6. Rutgers 7:12.994; 7. Iowa 7:24.646; 8. Indiana 7:27.519

Second Novice Eight: Ohio State 7:06.832; 2. Michigan 7:11.670; 3. Wisconsin 7:19.598; 4. Michigan State 7:20.458; 5. Minnesota 7:27.719; 6. rutgers 7:30.914; 7. Iowa 7:43.859; 8. Indiana 7:47.649

First Team All-Big Ten
Toni Frappell, Indiana
Contessa Harrold, Iowa
Kendall Brewer, Michigan
Meghan Gutknecht, Michigan
Nicole Marek, Michigan State
Kortney Luedloff, Minnesota
Ida Kruse, Ohio State
Rachel Engel, Ohio State
Cassandra Johnson, Ohio State
Sarah Johanek, Rutgers
Lexi Siverling, Wisconsin

Second Team All-Big Ten
Hilary Shinnick, Indiana
Kaelynn Heiberg, Iowa
Hunter Koenigsfeld, Iowa
Flick Cain, Michigan
Kalia Krichko, Michigan
Lindsey Klei, Michigan State
Bee Lovick, Minnesota
Alice Riley, Ohio State
Lexie Nothdurft, Ohio State
Ella Toa, Rutgers
Megan Whitehouse, Wisconsin

Big Ten Sportsmanship Award Honorees
Connie Brahm, Indiana
Baillie McCunn, Iowa
Emma Dietz, Michigan
Kasidy Higgins, Michigan State
Emily Appold, Minnesota
Sierra Cydrus, Ohio State
Mary Connelly, Rutgers
Monica Gerber, Wisconsin

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