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Sixth-Place Finish for MSU at Big Tens

May 14, 2017

East Lansing, Mich. -- - Michigan State finished sixth at the Big Ten Rowing Championships on Sunday in Indianapolis.

Ohio State edged Michigan for the team title, with 180 points to UM’s 179. The Buckeyes won the varsity eight race to cement their fifth consecutive team title in rowing, and also won the second varsity four and second novice eight. UM won the second varsity eight, varsity four, novice eight, and third varsity four races. Wisconsin finished third with 126 points, while Iowa and Indiana tied for fourth with 106 points, followed by the Spartans (76).

Both of MSU’s varsity eights finished sixth on the day. The varsity eight was about a second behind fifth-place Wisconsin at the finish, in a time of 6:23.855. Ohio State led wire-to-wire, with Michigan chasing but not able to overcome a nearly two-second lead the Buckeyes held throughout. Indiana made a significant move in the third 500 to claim the bronze medal, going from fifth to third over the final 500 to finish in 6:15.442, overtaking both Wisconsin and Iowa. MSU sat in sixth throughout the race, but made significant gains on the Badgers – MSU was behind the UW entry by open water at the 1000-meter mark, but was just 1.2 seconds behind the Badgers at the final horn.

The second varsity eight was also sixth, a race won by Michigan as they took over in the final 500 and posted a time of 6:14.503. Ohio State was the early leader and were down by a bowball at 1500 meters, and finished in 6:15.738. Both Wisconsin and Iowa were open water behind the leaders, and finished 1.3 seconds apart as Wisconsin out-sprinted the Hawkeyes to take the bronze, and MSU was sixth behind Indiana.

MSU’s fifth-seeded varsity four was among the four boats even at the start of the race, with Michigan taking the first advantage by a length at the 500 meter mark. MSU and Iowa were battling for the fourth spot as the teams made their way through the second 500, with the Spartans maintaining their lead over the Hawkeyes as Indiana made a move as well. Ohio State and Wisconsin were chasing Michigan, and the Spartans maintained their poise as both Indiana and Iowa tried to overtake MSU in the final 750 meters. MSU was fourth in a time of 7:11.257, about a length ahead of the Hoosiers at the finish. Michigan won the race (6:58.226), with OSU and Wisconsin also medaling.



The second four, the seventh-seeded Spartans held on to fourth place through the 1000 and 1500 meter marks, and despite Iowa trying to move on MSU, the effort was not enough. MSU finished three spots ahead of its seeding, in fourth place in a time of 7:21.910. Ohio State and Michigan fought down the length of the course, with the Buckeyes taking first place in a time of 6:58.773, followed by Michigan and Wisconsin.

The third varsity four sat in fourth behind Wisconsin through the second 500 meters, but dropped back to fifth. Ohio State and Michigan were fighting for first, while Minnesota fought off Wisconsin for third. Iowa and Indiana fought for sixth place behind the Spartans, which was the only boat not in a head-to-head dogfight for a spot in the finish. MSU crossed the line in a time of 7:34.502, about a half a length of open water behind fourth-place Wisconsin.

The novice eight race was MSU’s first of the day. Michigan had the early lead, with Iowa putting pressure on the Wolverines. MSU, the No. 2 seed entering the weekend, sat in fourth at the 500 meter mark, but lost ground to Indiana in the second 500. Michigan held the lead at the 1,000 meter mark, but Ohio State was putting considerable pressure on the leaders, with Wisconsin moving on both. The Spartans were sitting in fifth at 1000 meters, battling with Indiana down the course, fighting off Minnesota who was trying to make a move. Unfortunately, the Spartans caught an ejection crab in the final 500 that ended any chance of competing for a higher finish.

Big Ten Championships
Sunday, May 15, 2017 * Indianapolis, Ind.

Team Scores
1. Ohio State – 180
2. Michigan – 179
3. Wisconsin – 126
4. Iowa 106
     Indiana 106
6. Michigan State – 76
7. Minnesota – 54
8. Rutgers – 24


Varsity Eight: 1. Ohio State 6:08.792; 2. Michigan 6:11.194; 3. Indiana 6:16.442; 4. Iowa 6:16.528; 5 Wisconsin 5.22.677; 6. Michigan State 6:23.855; 7. Minnesota 6:33.431; 8. Rutgers 6:44.562

Varsity Eight Lineup:: : cox-: Hannah Worth; Stroke - Brianna Higgins; 7- Meaghan Faucher; 6- Monica Hessler; 5- Mikayla Russell; 4- Nicole Marek; 3- Brook Edgar; 2- Lindsey Klei; Bow- Becca Uebele

Second Varsity Eight: 1. Michigan 6:14; Ohio State 6:16.738; 3. Wisconsin 6:22.140; 4. Iowa 6:23.425; 5. Indiana 6:27.782 6. Michigan State 6:32.868; 7. Minnesota 6:34.608; 8. Rutgers 7:05.665 <

Second Varsity Eight Lineup:: : cox- Jennifer Gmeiner; Stroke - Halle Nielsen; 7- Lillian Thompson; 6- Cailyn Wolski; 5- Annie Cantu; 4- Sophia Klein; 3- Claire Hesseltine; 2- Katherine Willis; Bow- Madelyn Bagley

Varsity Four: 1. Michigan 6:58.226; 2. Ohio State 7:01.162; 3. Wisconsin 7:02.920; 4. Michigan State 7:11.257; 5. Indiana 7:15.672; 6. Iowa 7:18.536; 7. Minnesota 7:21.802; 8. Rutgers 7:34.938

Varsity Four Lineup:: : cox- Madison Schaekel Stroke – Adrie7n Kawalek; 3- Claire Sutka; 2-- Maya Regalado; Bow - Kasidy Higgins

Second Varsity Four: 1. Ohio State 6:58.771; 2. Michigan 7:01.637; 3. Wisconsin 7:08.916; 4. Michigan State 7:21.910; 5. Minnesota 7:27.275; 6. Indiana 7:31.472; 7. Iowa 7:33.494; 8. Rutgers 8:04.436

Second Varsity Four Lineup:: : cox- Megan Lindsey; Stroke - Kaitlyn Meiste; 3- Emily Mall; 2- Hannah Hentgen; Bow- Samantha Jabara

Third Varsity Four: 1. Ohio State 7:04.932; 2. Michigan 7:09.984; 3. Minnesota 7:24.864; 4. Wisconsin 7:27.045; 5. Michigan State 7:34.502; 6. Iowa 7:41.021, 7. Indiana 7:42.389

Third Varsity Four Lineup:: cox- Michelle DeVriendt; Stroke - Samantha Rogers; 3- Emily Tatge; 2- Maddy Hanford; Bow- Danielle Connery

Novice Eight: 1. Michigan 6:36.905; 2. Ohio State 6:39.536; 3. Wisconsin 6:46.155; 4. Iowa 6:47.362; 5. Indiana 6:51.596; 6. Minnesota 6:54.498; 7. Rutgers 7:10.661 8. Michigan State 10:36.832 *

Novice Eight Lineup:: cox - C- Alyssa Malak; Stroke- Jordan Becker; 7- Johanna Uckele; 6- Becca Harmon; 5- Luisa Romero; 4- Monica Wimbush; 3- Madison Glatz; 2- Madison Sturm; Bow- Mia Inman

First Team All-Big Ten
Emily Barber, Indiana
Cristy Hartman, Iowa
Kate Wright, Michigan
Kendall Brewer, Michigan
<>Bri Higgins, Michigan State
Anna Greene, Minnesota
Ida Kruse, Ohio State
Stephanie Williams, Ohio State
Rachel Engel, Ohio State
Sarah Johanek, Rutgers
Maria Schmid, Wisconsin
Second Team All-Big Ten
Emily Fekete, Indiana
Hanna Henry, Indiana
Ashley Duda, Iowa
Tessa Yurko, Michigan
Louisa Freeman, Michigan
Monica Hessler, Michigan State
Rylie Wargo, Minnesota
Aina Cid, Ohio State
Cassandra Johnson, Ohio State
Onyeka Oguagha, Rutgers
Maddie Wanamaker, Wisconsin

Sportsmanship Award Honorees
Hanna Henry, Indiana
Sarah Powell, Iowa
Joesi Krieger, Michigan
Lillian Thompson, Michigan State
Lauren Gonsalves, Minnesota
Abigail Ernst, Ohio State
Michelle Gao, Rutgers
Anika Nelson, Wisconsin

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