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Spartans Finish Fourth at Big Ten Championships

May 19, 2013

East Lansing, Mich. - Michigan State met or exceeded its seed in five of six races, and the Spartans finished fourth in the team standings at the 2013 Big Ten Championships on Sunday, May 19. The Spartan second novice eight earned a bronze medal on the day, while both the varsity eight and novice eight finished higher than their pre-championship seeding at the regatta, held at Eagle Creek Reservoir in Indianapolis, Ind.

Ohio State, the third-ranked crew in the country, captured the team title with 160 points, as Michigan finished second (135), barely edging Wisconsin (134). The Spartans finished fourth with 85 points. MSU has never finished lower than fourth at the Big Ten Championships, and three times has won the team points title (2005, 2008, 2009).

Four of Ohio State's five gold medals came by margins of open water, including wins of more than two lengths in both the varsity eight and second varsity eight.

"I'm really proud of our crews today," said head coach Matt Weise. "They turned in some of their best performances of the season - I thought they all raced so well, and really did a nice job of executing. We closed margins where we wanted to close margins, and they responded when they needed to. Hats off, too, to Ohio State - they had a great season and a great weekend, and are a very deserving champion."

MSU's varsity eight entry finished one spot higher than its seed, crossing the line in a time of 6:44.334, about four seats behind third-place Wisconsin. The Spartans avenged two losses to Minnesota earlier this season by finishing just over two seconds ahead of the Gophers at the finish. Ohio State sealed its team championship with a win in the day's marquee race, finishing more than 10 seconds ahead of Michigan.

MSU's second novice eight met its seed by capturing a bronze medal in the first race of the morning. Wisconsin won the race in a time of 7:13.07, with Michigan in second ( 7:17.51) and Michigan State a length back in third with 7:22.64. The Spartans finished half a length ahead of fourth-place Minnesota.



MSU's novice eight bettered its seed with a fourth-place finish. Ohio State won gold in a time of 7:06.902, with Wisconsin about three seats back in a time of 7:08.482. Michigan was three seats behind Wisconsin, and MSU just managed contact with the Wolverines (7:10.220) at the finish line, crossing in a time of 7:14.462.

Both of MSU's fours entered the Championships deeded fourth; the varsity four met its seed by finishing in 7:39.533, just under a length behind third-place finisher Michigan. Wisconsin had a half a length of open water over the Wolverines, but were still more than a length back on gold medalist Ohio State, which crossed the line in 7:25.75. The second varsity four was clocked in a time of 8:03.126, a race which saw the top three finishers (Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio State, respectively) each a length apart at the finish line. Iowa had its best finish of the day in this event, finishing fourth in a time of 7:52.281.

MSU's second varsity eight finished fifth, behind Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. MSU was clocked in a time of 6:55.784, more than a length behind Minnesota. The Buckeyes won the race by nearly three lengths of open water, besting the Badgers by 11.38 seconds. Third-place finisher Michigan trailed Wisconsin by more than a length at the finish.

Art the conclusion of the championship, the All-Big Ten Teams were announced. Freshman Katie Cromie, the stroke of the varsity eight boat, was named First Team, while sophomore Nora Hannum was selected to the Second Team. Senior Laura Moore was the team's Sportsmanship Award winner.

The Big Ten Network coverage of the conference's rowing championship will air on Sunday, May 26 at 4 p.m. ET.

2013 Big Ten Rowing Championships

Team Scores: (points) (1) Ohio State - 160 (2) Michigan - 135 3) Wisconsin - 134 4) Michigan State - 85 (5) Minnesota 72 (6) Iowa - 54 (7) Indiana - 28

Varsity Eight: (1) Ohio State 6:29.46; (2) Michigan 6:39.84; (3) Wisconsin 6:42.12; (4) Michigan State 6:44.334; (5) Minnesota 6:46.549; (6) Iowa 6:51.504; (7) Indiana 6:55.869

Second Varsity Eight: (1) Ohio State 6:31.41; (2) Wisconsin 6:42.78; (3) Michigan 6:47.46; (4) Minnesota 6:49.084; (5) Michigan State 6:55.784; (6) Iowa 6:58.714; (7) Indiana 7:00.964

Varsity Four: (1) Ohio State 7:25.75; (2) Wisconsin 7:30.90; (3) Michigan 7:36.45 ; (4) Michigan State 7:39.533 ; (5) Iowa 7:45.958; (6) Minnesota 7:49.893 ; (7) Indiana 7:58.058

Second Varsity Four: (1) Michigan 7:31.38; (2) Wisconsin 7:35.71; (3) Ohio State 7:39.88; (4) Iowa 7:52.281; (5) Michigan State 8:03.126; (6) Minnesota 8:04.991; (7) Indiana 8:11.726

Third Varsity Four: (1) Ohio State 7:42.46; (2) Michigan 7:48.97; (3) Iowa 8:03.58; (4) Wisconsin 8:08.072; (5) Minnesota 8:15.977; (6) Indiana 8:30.117

Novice Eight: (1) Ohio State 7:06.90; (2) Wisconsin 7:08.48; (3) Michigan 7:10.22; (4) Michigan State 7:14.462; (5) Indiana 7:15.915; (6) Minnesota 7:20.332; (7) Iowa 7:51.725

Second Novice Eight: (1) Wisconsin 7:13.07; (2) Michigan 7:17.51; (3) Michigan State 7:22.64; (4) Minnesota 7:24.012 (5) Ohio State 7:35.439;

MSU LINEUPS: Varsity Eight: (C) Erin McGarry, (S) Katie Cromie, (7) Nicole Bade, (6) Nora Hannum, (5) Alyssa Jurcak, (4) Sarah Kovacs, (3) Morgan Cathrea, (2) Lori Comer, (B) Laura Moore

Second Varsity Eight: (C) Rose Pawlowski, (S) Shelby Motoligin, (7) Alicia DiMauro, (6) Hannah Champ, (5) Brie-Anne Breton, (4) Monica LaPointe, (3) Samantha Palmer, (2) Corrine DeVries, (B) Emily Sharp

Varsity Four: (C) Shelby Rockwell, (S) Heather Holliday, (3) Anna Ludes, (2) Hayley Jenkins, (B) Olivia Jamrog

Second Varsity Four: (C) Chelsea Kneuer, (S) Emma Green (3) Emily Bartlett (2) Kimi Lakanen, (B) Abigail Christiansen

Novice Eight: (C) Julianne Calzonetti, (S) Zion Keck, (7) Asabe Danapollo, (6) Sara Sherman, (5) Ursula O'Connor, (4) Madison Wallender, (3) Joanna Beaton, (2) Kate Fraser, (B) Sarah Crosby

Second Novice Eight: (C) Katherine Short, (S) Kayla Koch, (7) Jane Katzer, (6) Nicole Bush, (5) Alexis Baxter, (4) Alyssa Johnson, (3) Sarah Schudel, (2) Jessica Marone, (B) Lindsay Brown

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