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Saturday Semis at NCAA Rowing Available Live on Internet

May 30, 2009

Follow all of the action live Saturday and Sunday mornings at the NCAA Rowing Championships thanks to a free video and audio stream.

Live Results:

Saturday live stream:

Saturday's Lane Assignments

Cherry Hill, NJ -

Cherry Hill, NJ -- A pair of disappointing fifth-place finishes in the Saturday semifinals will send MSU's first and second varsity boats to Sunday's petite finals at the NCAA National Championship regatta.

Michigan State's Sunday race schedule begins at 9:45, when the four lines up with Dartmouth, Oregon State, and Princeton in the third-level final. The petite final for the second varsity follows at 10:45, and the petite final for the varsity boat will be contested at 11:30. All races can be viewed with the NCAA's videostream at, with live results available on the Villanova website at Live Results:

Varsity Eight: : Racing was delayed by about 30 minutes due to difficulties in both varsity eight semifinals. In the first heat. the Clemson boat caught a crab, ejecting the bow seat shortly after the start. The officials called the race back, allowing the Clemson shell to be repaired. Then, officials called the second semi back for a false start. The second semi still went off ahead of the first.

MSU lined up in lane two in the second heat - Yale and Cal are in the third and fourth (seeded) lanes, and Ohio State, Princeton, and Southern Cal in the outer lanes. The Spartans had a good start, and had about a foot lead on the field at the settle. Yale and Princeton began to push right after the 250 meter mark, but the favorite, Cal, made a move to take a commanding lead on the remainder of the field at the 1000 meter mark, MSU, Princeton, and Southern Cal were all fighting for the third (chasing Cal and Yale) at that point, but the Spartans could not counter as Princeton made a move on Yale to eventually take second in the race, behind Cal. Yale took the third spot, with Southern Cal in fourth and MSU in fifth.



Second Varsity Eight: : The Spartans had a strong start, and held a slight lead at the settle. Washington and Stanford moved with the Spartans, with Stanford taking a slight lead at the 500 meter mark, followed by a surging Cal, Washington, and the Spartans. The west-coast crews pushed each other down the course, with MSU and Princeton both trying to move into them over the next 1000 meters. Stanford took the race, with Washington and Cal also qualifying; Princeton and MSU were both less than a length back off of Cal at the finish.

Varsity Eight: Semifinals

(semi one): Virginia 6:15.53; Stanford 6:15.59; Brown 6:23.20; Michigan 6:26.92; Washington 6:30.28; Clemson 6:35.03.
(semi two): ; Cal 6:12.87; Princeton 6:17.03; Yale 6:18.32; Southern Cal 6:20.69; Michigan State 6:24.44; Ohio State 6:29.45.

Grand Final Qualifiers: Cal, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Virginia, Brown

Second Varsity Eight: Semifinals
(semi one): Brown 6:28.85; Virginia 6:29.75; Yale 6:31.92; Ohio State 6:40.45; Michigan 6:44.39; Southern Cal 6:47.88.
(semi two): Stanford 6:27.08; Washington 6:28.61; Cal 6:29.66 ; Princeton 6:30.27; Michigan State 6:33.30; Clemson 6:50.09

Grand Final Qualifiers: Brown, Virginia, Yale, Stanford, Washington, Cal

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