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Training Trip Ends With Scrimmage Races vs. Alabama

March 9, 2014

East Lansing, Mich. - - Michigan State is returning from a week-long training trip during the university's spring break. After a week of training at George T. Bagby State Park in Fort Gaines, Georgia, MSU wrapped its trip with a series of scrimmages against the University of Alabama.

"These trips really give us a good opportunity to train and focus entirely on rowing, and as well as the team building that can come from ," said head coach Matt Weise. "I was really pleased with how this trip went. We were able to build off of our winter trip at Clemson, and I saw a lot of really good things over the last week. The nice thing was that in ending our trip with scrimmage races, it allowed the athletes to see how that translated into tangible results, racing another team instead of a stopwatch or their teammates.

The best thing that came out of the races was that we raced what we had practiced," continued the head coach. "Many times last year we'd line up for a race and try to do too much, instead of sticking to the race plan and what we had worked on all week. On Saturday, the boats stuck to what we had been working on, and they had some success. Our times were right about where we want them to be, so meeting those goals were important. It was a great springboard for us as we start to focus on getting ready for our spring races."

Each of MSU's five boats defeated their Crimson Tide counterparts. Instead of head-to-head 2,000 meter races like the teams will see during the regular season, Alabama and Michigan State ran four separate 1,000-meter pieces for each crew.

MSU at Alabama - Sat., March 8, 2014
Black Warrior River, Tuscaloosa, Al.


Varsity Eight:
Michigan State - 3:12.34, 3:22.13, 3:19.71, 3:18.66
Alabama - 3:21.97, 3:29.83, 3:34.91, 3:23.51

Second Varsity Eight:
Michigan State - 3:19.25, 3:22.79, 3:25.67, 3:21.20
Alabama - 3:32.58, 3:36.41, 3:35.30, 3:33.47



Varsity Four:
Michigan State - 3:42.19, 3:50.75, 3:51.54, 3:49.72
Alabama - 3:48.44, 3:56.82, 3:56.72, 3:55.84

Second Varsity Four:
Michigan State - 3:43.40, 3:50.77, 3:52.00, 3:56.81
Alabama 1 - 3:58.30, 4:04.68, 4:23.58, 4:13.57
Alabama 2 - 4:05.40, 4:10.70

Novice Eight:
Michigan State - 3:23.29, 3:33.33, 3:34.77, 3:35.94
Alabama 1 - 3:32.31, 3:42.30, 3:41.38, 3:43.22
Alabama 2 - 3:46.38, 3:56.10, 3:52.22, 3:55.33

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