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Rowers Get off To Slow Start at Princeton

March 26, 2011

Princeton, NJ - The 2011 season officially kicked off for the Michigan State rowers on Saturday at Princeton with Brown, and the Spartans, while rowing well, suffered a bit with losses to both the Tigers and Bears in all three boats.

The varsity eight struggled at the start of the race, but rowed well according to head coach Matt Weise. "We probably gave the race away at the beginning, there," admitted the head coach. "It's something we've been working on, but will go back and tweak. They stuck with the race plan - I think it's just a matter of adjusting our strategy. "

The varsity four also raced well - they had a good start and led at the 500-meter mark. Both the Bears and Princeton chipped away at the lead over the next 1,500 meters, and the Spartans finished six seconds behind Princeton and four behind the Bears.

The second varsity eight strayed from the race plan, which found them 12 seconds back from the host Tigers at the finish.

"We're probably about two weeks behind the eastern crews in terms of training outdoors, which was pretty apparent to me today," added Weise. "I think that we're on the right track, and if we're going to be behind, right at the beginning of the season is the right time for that, when we have the time to make adjustments and make up ground. "

The Spartans head to Bloomington next weekend to take part in the Dale England Cup on Friday and Saturday.

Varsity Eight: Princeton 7:03.8; Brown 7:06.3; Michigan State 7:10.0
Second Varsity Eight : Princeton 7:15.2; Brown 7:19.2; Michigan State 7:27.7
Varsity Four: Princeton 8:03.7; Brown "A" 8:05.9; Michigan State 8:10.1; Brown "B" 8:23.2



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