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Spartans Drop Opening Races in Columbus

March 31, 2012

MSU's first races of the season didn't go as planned for the Spartans, but with the season still in its infancy, the coaching staff is hardly in a panic - with a belief in the training program and a coachable squad, head coach Matt Weise haa not changed his opinions on the heights his 2012 squad can reach.

The Spartans did not win a race against either Ohio State or Michigan - two squads which had already raced external competition this season. While the margins are larger than the coaching staff would have liked, Weise is still rather optimisitic about the season ahead.

" I certainly don't think that we raced poorly, though that may seem like the case from the margins," said head coach Matt Weise. "I think we are on track - I'm not panicking. I think that with our training program this year, today's results were to be expected a bit. I firmly believe that we will start seeing our speed increase as we move on through the season. "

MSU vs. Michigan
Varsity Eight: Michigan 6:18.10; MSU 6:30.69
Second Varsity Eight: Michigan 6:32.24; MSU 6:50.15
Varsity Four: Michigan 7:21.69; MSU 7:22.19
Second Varsity Four: Michigan 7:28.63; MSU 7:41.80
Third Varsity Four: Michigan 7:25.20; MSU 7:42.19;
Novice Eight: Michigan 6:47.51; MSU 6:51.31
Second Novice Eight: Ohio State 7:04.87; MSU 7:14.25; Michigan 7:17.03

MSU vs. Ohio State

Varsity Eight: Ohio State 6:24.70; MSU 6:32.92
Second Varsity Eight: Ohio State 6:29.10; MSU 6:47.45
Varsity Four: Ohio State 7:16.50; MSU 7:24.94
Second Varsity Four: Ohio State 7:13.39; MSU 7:41.80
Third Varsity Four: Ohio State 7:25.20; MSU 7:41.70; Michigan 8:25.89
Novice Eight: Ohio State 6:51.31; MSU 7:01.47
Second Novice Eight: Ohio State 7:08.25; MSU 7:32.07



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