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Spartans Compete in Dale England Cup

April 1, 2011

East Lansing, Mich. - Michigan State gets its first races against Big Ten competition this weekend when it races for the Dale England Cup in Bloomington, Indiana. The Spartans will not only race Big Ten rival and host Indiana, but also against crews from Boston University and Gonzaga over the two days. All racing will take place at Riddle Point Park on Lake Lemon in Bloomington, Ind.

This is the third year of the Dale England Cup, and Michigan State won the inaugural event in 2009, while host Indiana won last year's competition (MSU did not compete last season).

MSU is bringing six boats to the Friday and Saturday races - two varsity eights, two novice eights, and two fours.

The Spartans began their spring season last weekend on the East coast, racing against traditional powers Princeton and Brown. While losing to both of the Ivy League institutions, head coach Matt Weise felt that there was a lot to learn from which would set up his crews not only for a week of hard work and preparations, but also for succeess down the line.

The Spartans will see a familiar face, as former Spartan assistant Stacy Rippetoe is the head coach for Boston University. The Spartans and Terriers will face off in four races on Friday afternoon. Rippetoe was an assistant coach for the Spartans for eight seasons. One of her assistant coaches, Paula Thoms, is a 2007 graduate of Michigan State and rowed for four years for Weise and Rippetoe.

The Spartan races are listed below, and a full schedule of the weekend races can be found at

Directions to Riddle Point Park:courtesy of
From Memorial Stadium, take 17th street to the bypass (45N/46E). Turn right on the bypass and follow it past the Indiana University Golf Course on your left. At the next traffic light, 45N and 46E will split. Turn left at this light, staying on 45 North/10th Street. Follow 45 North/10th Street for approximately seven miles and watch for a green sign for Lake Lemon/Riddle Point. Shortly after the green sign, at the top of the hill, you will take a left onto Tunnel Road. Follow Tunnel Road for approximately three miles and it will take you right into Riddle Point Park.



2011 Dale England Cup Race Schedule

Friday April 1st:

4:24 2N8 - Indiana vs. Michigan State
4:48 N8 - Michigan State vs. Boston University
5:12 V4- Michigan State vs. Boston Univ and Michigan State 2V4
5:36 2V8-Michigan State vs. Boston University
6:00 V8 - Michigan State vs. Boston University

Saturday April 2nd:

8:48 N8 - Michigan State vs. Gonzaga
9:12 V4 - Michigan State vs. Gonzaga and Michigan State 2V4
9:36 2V8 - Michigan State vs. Gonzaga
10:00 V8 - Michigan State vs. Gonzaga
10:12 2N8 - Indiana vs. Michigan State
11:36 N8 - Indiana vs. Michigan State
11:48 2V4 - Indiana vs. Michigan State
12:12 V4 - Indiana vs. Michigan State
12:36 2V8 - Indiana vs. Michigan State
1:00 V8 - Indiana vs. Michigan State

2011 Point System
For each head to head race in the following events, a crew earns the following points for their team: Varsity 8 Winner gets 18 points, loser gets 9 points
2Varsity 8 Winner gets 12 points, loser gets 6 points
Varsity 4 Winner gets 6 points, loser gets 3 points
Novice 8 Winner gets 4 points, loser gets 2 points

** There are no points awarded for the 2V4 or the 2N8 crews**

Lineups - Dale England Cup at Indiana (with Boston University & Gonzaga)

Varsity Eight
S-Cowal; 7-Walkowiak; 6- Neuder; 5- Lapointe; 4- Sosa; 3- Breton; 2-Bochenek; B- Maibusch; c-McGeachie

Second Varsity Eight
S-Leighton; 7-Bade; 6- Smith; 5- Lakanen; 4- Carter; 3- Campbell; 2-Champ; B- Vandelinder; c-Egner

Varsity Four
S- Hawthorne; 3- Motoligin; 2- Dejong; B- Holliday; c- Evely

Second Varsity Four
S - Palmer; 3 - Ludes; 2- Shynal; BB - Dimauro ; c - Rockwell

Novice Eight
S- Geelhoed, 7- Garzaniti, 6- Christiansen, 5- Wood, 4- Anderson, 3- Molter, 2- Lapointe, B- Pucci, c -Pawlowski

Second Novice Eight
S- Christen, 7- Seidel, 6- Ozment, 5-Grella, 4-Miller; 3-Kursik, 2- Clark, S- Sharp c-McGarry

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