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Spartans Host Wisconsin, Minnesota In Big Ten Double Dual

April 6, 2017

Michigan State prepares for its lone home event of the season, hosting Minnesota, No. 11 Wisconsin, and No. 3 Michigan on Saturday on Lake Ovid in Laingsburg, Mich, inside Sleepy Hollow State Park.

The Spartans will face the Badgers in the morning session and alternate races with the Wolverines and Golden Gophers. In the afternoon, the teams switch opponents, as MSU takes on Minnesota and Michigan races Wisconsin in the session that begins at 1 pm. Racing begins with the second novices and will include novice eights, three groups of varsity fours, and then the second varsity eight and varsity eight to wrap up each session.

Important information for spectators can be found at the Big Ten Double Dual Information Page, which has information in regards to park entry ($9 for each vehicle without a Recreation Pass issued by the Michigan Secretary of State), the raceday schedule, and other information about the raceday on Lake Ovid. Please note that dogs and any tobacco use are prohibited at any Michigan State Athletics event.

Live results will be available all day on MSU Rowing's official twitter account (@MSURowing). Complete results from completed sessions will be available on the MSU Rowing website.

The Spartans moved up one spot to No. 16 in the Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) national poll this week after splitting last week's Big Ten racing in Bloomington, where MSU fell to No. 14 Iowa by two seats in the V8 race and the Hawkeyes claimed a 63-54 victory. In the afternoon, the Spartans posted a 55-44 win over host Indiana in the afternoon, having nearly two lengths of open water over the Hoosiers in the varsity eight. The Spartan novice eight also had commanding open-water victories on the day, ahead of Hawkeyes by 26 seconds in the morning race and finishing 23 seconds in front of Kansas and 28 ahead of Indiana in the afternoon session.



Overall, there are six Big Ten teams in the Top 20, represented by Michigan (3), Ohio State (4), Wisconsin (11), Iowa (13), MSU (16) and Indiana (18) .

No. 16 Michigan State vs. No. 11 Wisconsin, Minnesota (with No. 3 Michigan)
April 8, 2017 | Lake Ovid, Laingsburg, Mich.

Varsity Eight Lineup: cox-: Hannah Worth; Stroke - Brianna Higgins; 7- Meaghan Faucher; 6- Monica Hessler; 5- Mikayla Russell; 4- Nicole Marek; 3- Brook Edgar; 2- Lindsey Klei; Bow- Becca Uebele

Second Varsity Eight Lineup: cox- Michelle DeVriendt; Stroke - Madelyn Bagley; 7- Cailyn Wolski; 6- Lillian Thompson; 5- Hannah Hentgen; 4- Clare Sutka; 3- Kasidy Higgins; 2- Maya Regalado; Bow- Kaitlyn Meiste

Varsity Four Lineup: cox- Megan Lindsey; Stroke - Adrien Kawalek; 3- Emily Mall; 2- Emily Tatge; Bow- Danielle Connery

Novice Eight Lineup: cox - Jennifer Gmeiner; Stroke- Halle Nielsen; 7 - Claire Hesseltine; 6- Katherine Willis; 5- Annie Cantu; 4- Sophia Klein; 3- Johanna Uckele; 2- Jordan Becker; Bow - Mia Inman

Second Novice Eight Lineup: cox - C- Alyssa Malak; Stroke- Luisa Romero; 7- Madison Sturm; 6- Amy Puidokas; 5- Monica Wimbush; 4- Madison Glatz; 3- Becca Harmon; 2- Emma Hartigan; Bow - Maddy Hanford

No. 16 Spartans vs. No. 11 Wisconsin, Minnesota (with No. 3 Michigan)
Time Race Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3
9:00 AM Second Novice Eight Michigan State WisconsinMichigan
9:10 am Novice Eight Minnesota Michigan
9:20 am Novice Eight Michigan State Wisconsin
9:30 am Third Varsity Four Minnesota Michigan A Wisconsin
9:40 am Second Varsity Four Minnesota Michigan
9:50 am Second Varsity Four Michigan State Wisconsin
10:00 am Varsity Four Minnesota Michigan
10:20 am Varsity Four Michigan State Wisconsin
10:40 am Second Varsity Eight Minnesota Michigan
11:00 am Second Varsity Eight Michigan State Wisconsin
11:20 am Varsity Eight Minnesota Michigan State
11:40 am Varsity Eight Michigan State Wisconsin
1:00 pm Second Novice Eight Michigan Wisconsin Michigan State
1:10 pm Novice Eight Michigan Wisconsin
1:20 pm Novice Eight Minnesota Michigan State
1:30 pm Third Varsity Four Michigan A Wisconsin Minnesota
1:40 pm Second Varsity Four Michigan Wisconsin
1:50 pm Second Varsity Four Minnesota Michigan State
2:00 pm Varsity Four Michigan Wisconsin
2:20 pm Varsity Four Minnesota Michigan State
2:40 pm Second Varsity Eight Michigan Wisconsin
3:00 pm Second Varsity Eight Minnesota Michigan State
3:20 pm Varsity Eight Michigan Wisconsin
3:40 pm Varsity Eight Minnesota Michigan State

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