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Rowing Races No. 3 OSU, No. 9 Michigan This Weekend

May 2, 2014

East Lansing, Mich. - - Michigan State heads to Ann Arbor for the second time this season to take on the No. 9 Wolverines and No. 3 and defending National Champion Ohio State on Saturday. Louisville - a team MSU has seen several times this season at various dual races and regattas - will also be racing on Belleville Lake this weekend, as the final push is on for all teams in terms of positioning for NCAA selection.

Michigan State sits as the top team receiving votes in this week's CRCA poll, just outside the top 20. No. 20 Cornell has 48 points, and MSU checks in with 39. The Spartans are one of three Big Ten teams receiving votes, in addition to the four which appear in the top 20 (Indiana sits at No. 13, and Wisconsin is tied for 14th).

As the weather report changed throughout the week and with inclement weather in the forecast for Saturday, the race schedule has been altered several times. The final version calls for racing to begin at 8 a.m., alternating the Michigan-Louisville races with MSU-OSU on 10-minute centers; there will be a 30-minute break between sessions, and racing will resume at 10:20. Ohio State will line up with Louisville in the second session, and MSU faces the Wolverines.

The Spartans are coming off a strong weekend at Virginia last week, in which it downed Duke and raced well against the No. 5 Cavaliers. MSU was able to significantly close the margins against UVA from the time it first saw the crews in opening week of the season.

After this weekend's racing, the team will have two weeks to prepare for the Big Ten Championships, which will be held at Eagle Creek Reservoir in Indianapolis on Sunday, May 18.

MSU vs. Ohio State, Michigan
Saturday, May 3
Belleville Lake, Mich.

Time Event Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 8:00 1V8 Michigan Louisville 8:10 1V8 Michigan State Ohio State 8:20 2V8 Louisville Michigan 8:30 2V8 Ohio State Michigan State 8:40 1V4 Michigan Louisville 8:50 1V4 Michigan State Ohio State 9:00 2V4 Louisville Michigan 9:10 2V4 Ohio State Michigan State 9:20 3V4 Michigan Louisville Ohio State 9:30 1N8 Louisville Michigan 9:40 1N8 Ohio State Michigan State 9:50 2N8 Michigan State Ohio State Michigan

Time Event Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 10:20 1V8 Louisville Ohio State 10:30 1V8 Michigan State Michigan 10:40 2V8 Ohio State Louisville 10:50 2V8 Michigan Michigan State 11:00 1V4 Louisville Ohio State 11:10 1V4 Michigan State Michigan 11:20 2V4 Ohio State Louisville 11:30 2V4 Michigan Michigan State 11:40 3V4 Louisville Ohio State Michigan 11:50 1N8 Ohio State Louisville 12:00 1N8 Michigan Michigan State 12:10 2N8 Michigan State Michigan Ohio State

Probable Lineups

Varsity Eight: C - Erin McGarry; S - Katie Cromie; 7 -- Sarah Kovacs ; 6 - Laura Moore; -; 5 - Brook Edgar; 4 -Lori Comer ;3 - Monica LaPointe; 2; Olivia Jamrog B - Nora Hannum

Second Varsity Eight : C- Rose Pawlowski; S -Miranda McClellan; 7- Sarah Crosby; 6- Mikayla Russell; ; 5- Zion Keck; 4-- Hayley Jenkins; 3-- Joanna Beaton; 2- Sara Sherman; B-Emily Sharp

Varsity Four: C - Julianne Calzonetti; S- Alyssa Jurcak; 3- Adrien Kawalek; 2- Colleen McConnell; B- Emma Green

Second Varsity Four: C - Katie Trahan (AM)/ Chelsea Kneuer (PM); S- Ursula O'Connor; 3- Asabe Danpollo; 2-Kimi Lakanen; B- Jane Katzer

Novice Eight : C- Taylor Roach, S- Mara Jones, 7- Beth Schaepe, 6- Monica Hessler, 5- Rachel Hoard; 4-Courtney Boomer; 3- Jacqueline Hardy, 2- Lillian Thompson, B- Brianna Higgins

Second Novice Eight : C- Katie Naber, S- Jennifer Gerlach; , 7- Allison Recchia; 6- Rebecca Blaxton, 5- Jessica Marone, 4- Corinne DeVries, 3- Darby Atkinson, 2- Sarah Hryncewicz, B- Kathleen Noblet



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