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NCAA Championships

2006 Team
2008 Team
2009 Team

1998Lake Lanier (Gainesville, Ga.)Varsity Eight9th7:07.10
1999Lake Natoma (Sacramento, Calif.)Team8th18 points

Varsity Eight10th6:56.70

Second Varsity Eight6th7:09.39

Varsity Four9th8:02.79
2000Cooper River (Camden, N.J.)Team10th18 points

Varsity Eight8th6:52.20

Second Varsity Eight8th7:07.70

Varsity Four7th8:18.70
2001Lake Lanier (Gainesville, Ga.)Varsity Eight10th6:50.52
2002Eagle Creek (Indianapolis, Ind.)Team9th29 points

Varsity Eight15th7:03.30

Second Varsity Eight4th6:50.86

Varsity Four5th7:48.57
2003Eagle Creek (Indianapolis, Ind.)Team11th16 points

Varsity Eight13th6:22.99

Second Varsity Eight10th6:40.92

Varsity Four9th7:40.01
2004Lake Natoma (Sacramento, Calif.)Team12th18 points

Varsity Eight13th6:47.00

Second Varsity Eight11th6:54.40

Varsity Four8th7:34.20
2005Lake Natoma (Sacramento, Calif.)Team10th27 points

Varsity Eight13th6:46.22

Second Varsity Eight5th6:40.69

Varsity Four8th7:26.27
2006Mercer Lake (West Windsor, N.J.)Team6th40

Varsity Eight6th6:51.22

Second Varsity Eight7th6:57.22

Varsity Four6th7:54.03
2008Lake Natoma (Sacramento, Calif.)Team6th371 points

Varsity Eight6th6:40.26

Second Varsity Eight10th6:56.48

Varsity Four5th7:33.99
2009Cooper River (Camden, N.J.)Team6th54 points

Varsity Eight7th6:19.05

Second Varsity Eight7th6:37.83

Varsity Four13th7:29.71
2010Lake Natoma (Sacramento, Calif.)Team9th51 points

Varsity Eight7th6:28.53

Second Varsity Eight9th6:38.11

Varsity Four12th7:32.80
2011Lake Natoma (Sacramento, Calif.)TeamSeventh55 points

Varsity Eight:6th6:36.12 .

Second Varsity Eight:8th6:37.28;

Varsity Four:13th7:28.50
2011Lake Mercer (West Windsor, NJ)Team16th15 points

Varsity Eight:14th6:36.10

Second Varsity Eight:15th6:49.00

Varsity Four:15th7:33.95

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