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Meet the Spartan Staff: Tim "Red" Wakeham

Tim "Red" Wakeham is the Director of Strenght and Conditioning.

March 30, 2012

EAST LANSING, Mich. - Over the past season, the Michigan State field hockey team featured a student-athlete every week in attempt to "Meet the Spartans". It is now time to get to the now the Spartan Staff and to learn about their roles in preparing the team and about some of their favorite field hockey memories. Tim "Red" Wakeham, the Director of Strength & Conditioning, sat down with to answer some questions about his involvement with the MSU field hockey team.

A little bit about Tim: I'm from Houghton, Michigan. I have a Master's Degree in Sport and Exercise Science from University of North Dakota. I've been at Michigan State for 15 years.

What is the best thing about working at MSU: The people and the relationships are awesome.

What is your best memory with the MSU field hockey team: Watching us play at Wake Forest in the 2004 Final Four

Who do you remember as the hardest working MSU field hockey player: That's a very difficult question. I can't make up my mind between five players. Veerle Goudswaard was a fiercely competitive worker when it came to FH and conditioning. Julie Mackay and Becky Manning worked hardest as team leaders. Adelle Lever is a master of technical execution and effort in the weight room. Chelsy Coil works hardest as a demanding teammate.

Something surprises me at every single workout session. For example, players constantly achieve new personal bests, demand more from their teammates, become a closer team, say ridiculously funny things and overcome greater adversities.

Where would you like to be in 5 years: Where's the NCAA Field Hockey final four in the year 2016?

What is your funniest memory with the MSU field hockey team: My funniest times are any of my interactions with Katherine Jamieson and Allie Ahern. They should have their own TV show.



What is your favorite movie: My favorite movie is The Count of Monte Cristo. I watch it at least once every couple months.

What is your favorite TV show: The Killing or Judge Judy.

Who is your favorite athlete and why: All time - Michael Jordan because of his myopic focus on winning. Of all current Spartans - Kristen Henn she's tough, hard working and can confront.

Can you give some words of wisdom for our current and future Spartans: Work hard to master your sport. Trust your preparation. Boldly take calculated risks. Accept your failures. Enjoy each moment. Be doggedly persistent and never, never, never listen to the naysayers.

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