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Meet the Spartans: Adrea Donaldson

Adrea Donaldson

Sept. 19, 2012

EAST LANSING, Mich. - The Michigan State field hockey team will feature a freshman student-athlete every week this fall in attempt to "Meet the Spartans". This week freshman Adrea Donaldson (West Vancouver, British Columbia) sat down with to answer some questions.

Name: Adrea Donaldson

Nickname & why: Addie-I couldn't pronounce my real name when I was younger

Year in School: freshman

Hometown: Vancouver

Major: undecided

Jersey #: 18

Best thing about being at MSU: Jimmy Johns!

Favorite class: HNF 150

Favorite movie: All Disney movies

Favorite food: Noodles

Favorite restaurant: Bundalos

Do you have any special talents: I can touch my tongue to my nose

Do you have any famous relatives: I wish..

Pets: I have one cat named Rollie

Siblings: twin, older sister, 3 brothers

Where is the most exotic place you have traveled to: Hawaii

Dream vacation spot: Greece

Favorite musician or band: too many to say!

What is song gets your pumped up before a game: eminem

Why did you pick MSU: beautiful campus and high student athlete program

Favorite TV show: Friends

Favorite celebrity: Sandra Bullock

Favorite thing to do besides play field hockey: explore!

Favorite store to shop: Target

If you were not playing field hockey, what other sport would you be involved with: swimming or soccer



Favorite spot on campus: so far...Brody

Favorite pro sport & team: Field hockey/Hockey (Canucks :) )

Favorite game played at MSU: Stanford, great comeback!

Pre-game ritual: dance

Funny memory of a team mate or team trip: CLIMB ON

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