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Lauren Bonness Feature: Making an Impact

Oct. 17, 2017

By Ashley Verbeyst, MSU Athletic Communications Student Assistant

Lauren Bonness didn’t always know if she wanted to play field hockey at the college level. As a member of the State College Blue Lions Field Hockey team in State College, Pennsylvania, it was her club coach who inspired her to continue playing.

“He helped me make the decision. He really loved the game and inspired me to continue to play, and got me pumped up about the game. Through his eyes and knowledge of the game I realized I wanted to play in college,” said Bonness. “I realized what an awesome experience this would be.” 

In the winter of 2013, Bonness signed her National Letter of Intent to play field hockey at Michigan State. Bonness was excited to embark on playing for a Big Ten school as she grew up seeing the excitement surrounding the Penn State field hockey team. 

Lauren knew right away that MSU would be the right fit for her and after a couple of recruiting visits she felt right at home.  

“Just the atmosphere and the girls and coaches. I remember we went to eat in Brody Cafeteria and the whole team came and ate with me. It was really cool, everyone was so supportive.” 



The group of girls that sat with her and shared a meal together during Bonness’ first visits to MSU would not just become her teammates, but her family. 

“Since I can’t go home, I have to rely and depend on my teammates for things I might depend on my parents for,” added Bonness. “They have definitely risen to that level and have been tremendous friends and teammates.” 

Fast forward to the fall of 2017 when there’s only a few more games left of Bonness’ senior season. Bonness says she cannot thank her teammates enough as she has relied and depended on them to be her family. 

“My teammates have been amazing, they are the girls that are with you through this sport from early morning practice to running together, it has all been really cool,” Bonness reflected. 

As Lauren prepares for graduation as a kinesiology major, she is making her mark as a senior leader on the team. She wants her teammates to remember her as a big supporter for them on and off the turf.  

“I always wanted the best for each and every player on this team.” 

As the season comes to a close it is bittersweet, but Lauren is grateful she had this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Spartan Nation. 

“This is it, this is the last chance I get to impact this team. It’s alright. Let’s give it everything we’ve got,” said Bonness.  

After graduation, Bonness plans to further her education to become a physician’s assistant. 

While playing in college, representing the Green and White has been nothing short of a thrill. Bonness says the opportunities this sport has given her will be treasured forever.  

“I will miss playing the sport, there aren’t many opportunities to play field hockey after college,” said Bonness. 

Bonness will also miss the team dynamic this year’s team had, and the fight her teammates showed each day during practice. 

“Just coming out here with my teammates and having people who want to push you to your maximum, and want you to be the best you can be and fighting for that for you,” said Bonness. 

After graduation Bonness will take with her what she has learned from this great team dynamic, where her teammates became her family. She now has words that will bring her through life both on and off the turf.  

Lauren had this last thought from head coach Helen Knull: “Hard work trumps skill and quality, most importantly putting in your efforts and giving it your all and going out there and playing and fighting to win can overcome any obstacle.”







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