Big Ten Honors


Terry Pacheco
1993, 1994, and 1995 All-Big Ten Selection

Sophie Rosmalen
2001, 2002, 2003 First-Team All-Big Ten Selection

Floor Rijpma
2007, 2007, 2008 All-Big Ten Selection
since 1982
1982 Cathy Costello 1st Team
Marie Herman 1st Team
1983 Jeanne Lawrence 1st Team
Chris Ann Johnson 2nd Team
Ann Marie Whalen 2nd Team
1985 Barb Naylor 1st Team
1986 Leslie King 1st Team
Kathy Cronkhite 2nd Team
Barb Naylor 2nd Team
1987 Kathy Cronkhite 2nd Team
Leslie King 2nd Team
Beth Schmitt 2nd Team
1988 Betsy Craig 2nd Team
1992 Sharon Hill 2nd Team
Sara Humpage 2nd Team
Maria Ross 2nd Team
1993 Terry Pacheco 2nd Team
1994 Terry Pacheco 2nd Team
1995 Rayna Hiscox 2nd Team
Jill Lusher 2nd Team
Terry Pacheco 2nd Team
1996 Angela DiJames 2nd Team
Rayna Hiscox 2nd Team
Jill Lusher 1st Team
1997 Rayna Hiscox 2nd Team
Jill Lusher 2nd Team
Deirdre McLinden 2nd Team
Melissa Pryor 2nd Team
1998 Deirdre McLinden 1st Team
Melissa Pryor 1st Team
Sanne van Nouhuys 2nd Team
Marleen Tuip 2nd Team
1999 Marleen Tuip 1st Team
Sanne van Nouhuys 1st Team
2000 Bridget Cooper 2nd Team
Adrienne Miroslaw 2nd Team
2001 Bridget Cooper 1st Team
Sophie Rosmalen 1st Team
Maureen Halstead 2nd Team
J. van Haeringen 2nd Team
2002 Annebet Beerman 1st Team
Sophie Rosmalen 1st Team
Christina Kirkaldy 2nd Team
Cynthia Martin 2nd Team
J. van Haeringen 2nd Team
2003 Alexandra Kyser 1st Team
Sophie Rosmalen 1st Team
Annebet Beerman 2nd Team
Christina Kirkaldy 2nd Team
Jessica Miller 2nd Team
2004 Annebet Beerman 1st Team
Veerle Goudswaard 1st Team
Michelle Huynh-Ba 2nd Team
Christina Kirkaldy 2nd Team
2005 Michelle Huynh-Ba* 1st Team
Christina Kirkaldy 2nd Team
Jessica Miller 2nd Team
Inge Kaars Sijpestijn 2nd Team
2006 Ashley Pernicano 2nd Team
Floor Rijpma 2nd Team
2007 Jeamie Deacon* 1st Team
Floor Rijpma 2nd Team
2008 Jeamie Deacon* 1st Team
Floor Rijpma 1st Team
Chantae Miller 2nd Team
Jantine Steinmetz 2nd Team
2009Jeamie Deacon*1st Team
Floor Rijpma*1st Team
Jantine Steinmetz2nd Team
Elissa Unger2nd Team
Manouk Vernij2nd Team
2010Jantine Steinmetz1st Team
Sabine van den Assem1st Team
Molly Cassidy2nd Team
Kristen Henn2nd Team
2011Adelle Lever2nd Team
Abby Barker2nd Team
2012Abby Barker 1st Team
Kristen Henn 2nd Team
Becky Stiles 2nd Team
2013Abby Barker 1st Team
Molly Cassidy 2nd Team
Katherine Jamieson 2nd Team
Becky Stiles 2nd Team
2014Abby Barker1st Team
Becky Stiles2nd Team
2015Heather Howie1st Team
* unanimous selection


Annebet Beerman
2002 Big Ten Tournament Co-MVP

Christina Kirkaldy
Three-time Big Ten All-Tournament Team Selection and 2002 Big Ten Tournament Co-MVP

Amy Schneider
2006, 2007 Big Ten All-Tournament Team
2001Bridget Cooper
2009Floor Rijpma*
1994 Emma Fernandez
1998 Bridget Cooper
2007 Jantine Steinmetz
2001Michele Madison
2009Rolf van de Kerkhof
2002 Annebet Beerman
Christina Kirkaldy
2003 Alexandra Kyser
2009Elissa Unger
2013Abby Barker
1997 Jill Lusher
Melissa Pryor
1998 Melissa Pryor
2001 Cynthia Martin
Sophie Rosmalen
2002 Annebet Beerman
Christina Kirkaldy
2003 Christina Kirkaldy
Alexandra Kyser
Jessica Miller
2004 Michelle Huynh-Ba
Jessica Miller
2005 Christina Kirkaldy
2006 Gwen Riley
Amy Schneider
2007 Floor Rijpma
Amy Schneider
2008 Michelle Ciliberti
Geraldine Raynor
2009Floor Rijpma
Elissa Ungerr
2010Angela Pagura
Amanda Huck
2011Molly Cassidy
2012Abby Barker
2013Abby Barker
Molly Cassidy
2014Sierra Patton
2015Heather Howie


Presented annually by the Big Ten Conference for each sport based on sportsmanship and community service.

2003 Lauren Hess
2004Michelle Carstens
2005Breanna Harpstead
2006Amy Schneider
2007Becky Manning
2008Angela Pagura
2009Julie Mackay
2010Meghan Magee
2011Angie Lucik
2012Corey Block
2013Katherine Jamieson
2014Becky Stiles
2015Mallory Tyler

1987 Coleen Kelly 10/6
1988 Carey Grealy 9/13
1996 Jill Lusher, Def. 9/24
1997 Rayna Hiscox, Off. 9/8
Melissa Pryor, Def. 9/22
Jill Lusher, Off. 10/7
1998 Bridget Cooper, Off. 9/8
Bridget Cooper, Off. 10/6
Deirdre McLinden, Def. 10/13
1999 Debbie White, Def. 8/31
Marleen Tuip, Off. 10/12
2000 Mireille Evans, Def. 10/13
Mireille Evans, Def. 10/20
2001 Bridget Cooper, Off. 8/27
Lauren Hess, Def. 8/27
J. van Haeringen, Off. 10/1
Annebet Beerman, Off. 10/22
Bridget Cooper, Off. 10/29
2002 Annebet Beerman, Off. 9/2
Christina Kirkaldy, Def. 9/23
Christina Kirkaldy, Def. 9/30
Michelle Carstens, Off. 10/14
2003 Christina Kirkaldy, Def. 9/1
Alexandra Kyser, Off. 9/15
Veerle Goudswaard, Off. 10/6
Christina Kirkaldy, Def. 10/6
Annebet Beerman, Off. 11/3
Christina Kirkaldy, Def. 11/3
2004 Christina Kirkaldy, Def. 8/30
Christina Kirkaldy, Def. 9/27
Veerle Goudswaard, Off. 10/4
Veerle Goudswaard, Off. 10/25
2005 Inge Kaars Sijpestijn, Off. 10/24
Christina Kirkaldy, Def. 11/1
2006 Stephanie Yuhasz, Def. 10/23
2007 Jeamie Deacon, Off. 9/3
Jantine Steinmetz, Off. 9/10
Jeamie Deacon, Off. 9/24
Jantine Steinmetz, Off. 10/1
Jeamie Deacon, Off. 10/15
Amy Schneider, Def. 10/23
Amy Schneider, Def. 10/29
2008 Elissa Unger, Def. 9/15
Jeamie Deacon, Off. 9/29
Floor Rijpma, Off. 10/6
Jantine Steinmetz, Off. 11/3
2009Manouk Vernij, Fr.8/31
Floor Rijpma, Off.9/7
Manouk Vernij, Fr.9/14
Manouk Vernij, Fr.9/28
Elissa Unger, Def.9/28
Floor Rijpma, Off.9/28
Elissa Unger, Def.10/12
Adelle Lever, Fr.10/19
Holly Sherman, Def.10/26
Floor Rijpma, Off.10/26
Floor Rijpma, Off.11/2
2010Molly Cassidy, Fr.8/30
Molly Cassidy, Def.8/30
Katherine Jamieson, Fr.9/6
Molly Cassidy, Fr.9/13
Molly Cassidy, Def.9/13
Molly Cassidy, Fr.11/1
2011Molly Cassidy, Def.9/13
Abby Barker, Fr.10/11
Molly Cassidy, Def.10/18
Allie Ahern, Fr.10/18
2012Molly Cassidy, Def.9/4
Molly Cassidy, Def. 10/9
2013Jenni Smith, Def.10/15
Katherine Jamieson, Off. 11/5
2014Abby Barker, Off.9/16
2015Sophie Macadre, Off.10/6