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Hitting The Links With Sara Brown

May 16, 2005

EAST LANSING, Mich. - For freshman Sara Brown (Tucson, Ariz.) her first year of college has been one filled with many challenges. Moving across country has had its difficulties both personally and golf-wise, with Brown facing new dilemmas throughout the season she never faced before in the sunny, warm climate in Arizona.

Gaining confidence in herself and her golf game has been something that Brown has battled through during the season. But as her game has gotten better as her freshman campaign progressed, Brown will look to build upon her recent success as she will be the lone freshman making the journey to the 2005 NCAA Championships.

Q: In your opinion, how do you think that post-season action has been different than regular-season action?
A: Before the season begins you are preparing, getting ready and becoming excited. But once you are in season it is more like, boom. The pressure hits you. I like feeling the pressure. It makes you want to play harder and perform better for your team. It is way different. It is awesome to be a freshman and go to the National Championships. I am pumped up to go.

Q: What has been the most exciting part of the season for you and why?
A: Winning at Ohio State was probably the best part of our spring season. Our fall was kind of tough and we had to work through lots of things. We had to do that in order to become a team. The best part for me is not just winning but it was having our whole team there. We felt like a team and we cheered each other on. I enjoy winning but I like the whole team-aspect as well. We just came together as a team and that was really important.

Q: Was your first year at State all that you hoped that it would be?
A: I didn't play as well as I wanted to, to be honest. There are parts of my game that I have greatly improved and there are some that still need a great deal of improvement. Coming from a place that you can play all the time (in Arizona), it was a big transition for me because I had to learn to hit off of the mats and play in 30-degree weather. When we went to Big Tens, it snowed. I have never played in that kind of weather with all those layers of clothes. For me, it was transitioning from being able to play all the time to being able to play whenever you can. If it is sunny outside, go play. Don't sit around outside and do whatever else.

Q: What has been your favorite thing so far being a student-athlete?
A: I really enjoy meeting all of the student-athletes. Like with the basketball players, it's like, "Oh my gosh, you are on the basketball team!" I think it is cool to meet everyone and I have really liked the transition from high school to college. There is so much new to do and to see and to learn. There are lots of new people to meet and I like to meet people.

Q: What is something that you have learned about yourself this season?
A: If I feel something then I will tell you. I am a very vocal person. Being on this team, coach is always telling us to communicate and if there is a problem then you need to say it. I have matured in that a little bit. I can talk to someone if I am having problems with them. Even though I am a freshman, I don't feel as if I am one.

Q: Do you think that you have changed at all since coming to MSU?
A: Kind of. I feel like I can just talk to people now if I have a problem with them, so that is better. Golf wise I have been so much more frustrated then I have ever been in my entire life with golf. It has been unreal. The transition for me was hard at first. It just didn't seem to come together until we played at Ohio State. It's kind of funny because at Ohio State, I had kidney stones and I played really well. I was kind of impressed with myself. I wasn't sure if I should have gone or not but it was great having my teammates behind me and playing well.

Q: What has been your favorite memory so far this season?
A: I really like our van rides. They are so much fun. We all have our own different type of music that we like but there is always that one song that comes on that we all like. Heather (Rose) sings and Rachel (Meikle) sings. Miss Mandi (McConnell) is always on the phone talking. I like the whole feeling of being a family in the car driving.



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