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Mary Fossum Invitational
Central District Invitational

The Mary Fossum Invitational, which began in 1978, is held annually at Michigan State's Forest Akers West Golf Course in September. Named after Michigan State's longtime head coach from 1973-97, the Fossum Invitational features the top teams in the Midwest and is played on one of the premier collegiate golf courses in the country. Michigan State has won the event 11 times. The Spartans hosted the 34th annual Mary Fossum Invitational Sept. 23-24, 2017.

YearChampion (Score)Medalist, School (Score)MSU FinishTop MSU Finisher (Score/Finish)
1978Alabama (626)Peggy Kirsch, Alabama (152)*3rd (653)Sue Ertl (16/t-6th)
1979Ohio State (921)Rose Jones, Ohio State (226)4th (980)Nina Spatafora (239/12th)
1980Ohio State (616)Julie Zemnrodt, Kentucky (145)8th (653)Syd Wells (158/11th)
1981Michigan State (910)Tamie Green, Marshall (218)1st (910)Syd Wells (223/2nd)
1982Penn State (909)Syd Wells, Michigan State (221)2nd (913)Syd Wells (221/1st)
1983Ohio State (926)Nancy Harris, Minnesota (223)4th (950)Kathy Teichert (227/3rd)
1984Indiana (901)Sarah DeKraay, Indiana (224)2nd (911)Kathy Teichert (226/2nd)
1985Michigan State (921)Lisa Marino, Michigan State (225)1st (921)Lisa Marino (225/1st)
1988Ohio State (903)Debbie Silverberg, Ohio State (223)6th (963)Becky Iverson (226/5th)
1989Nebraska (933)Joanne Brooks, Nebraska (222)2nd (963)Jenny Hecht (238/5th)
1990Penn State (947)Nicole Jeray, Northern Illinois (231)5th (960)Jenny Hecht (236/5th)
1991Northern Illinois (902)Nicole Jeray, Northern Illinois (223)*8th (944) Jennifer Mieras (233/17th)
1992Ohio State (633)Tami Dougan, Ohio State (152)3rd (640)Carolyn Nodus (155/2nd)
1993Indiana (614)Erika Wicoff, Indiana (145)7th (646)Amy Loviscek (159/t-14th)
1995Wisconsin (950)Heather Hoffmann, Northwestern (224)3rd (958)Jenn Kangas (237/9th)
1997Indiana (909)Kasey Gant, Michigan State (216)2nd (934)Kasey Gant (216/1st)
1998Michigan State (895)Kasey Gant, Michigan State (224)1st (895)Kasey Gant (224/1st)
1999Indiana (901)Julee Sovesky, Ohio (222)4th (934)Emily Bastel (230/t-10th)
2000Minnesota (296)Kim Benedict, Michigan (70)4th (302)Stacy Snider (74/t-10th)
2001Cancelled Due to 9/11 tragedy
2002Kent State (907)Sarah Sassey, Nebraska (221)*3rd (916)Allison Fouch (221/t-1st)
2003Michigan State (901)Allison Fouch, Michigan State (222)*1st (901)Allison Fouch (222/1st)
2004Michigan (919)Brianna Broderick, Michigan (219)2nd (925)Kristen Polanski (230/6th)
2005Michigan State (889)Becky Wood, Kent State (220)*1st (889)Burleigh/Rose (221/t-3rd)
2006**Michigan State (889)Tara Delaney, Kent State (215)1st (889)Laura Kueny (220/4th)
2007Michigan State (896)Laura Kueny, Michigan State (214)1st (896)Laura Kueny (214/1st)
2008Michigan State (891) ^Kirby Dreher, Kent State (217)1st (891)Kueny/Solberg (218/2nd)
2009Michigan State (875) Nicole Sakamato, James Madison (214)1st (875)Shannon Warner (216/3rd)
2010Notre Dame (890)Nicole Zhang, Notre Dame (207) #3rd (896)Caroline Powers (220/3rd)
2011Michigan State (892)Caroline Powers, Michigan State (217)1st (892)Caroline Powers (217/1st)
2012Purdue (875)Krista Puisite, Texas State (215)2nd (882)Caroline Powers (217/2nd)
2013Michigan State (892)Liz Nagel, Michigan State (217)1st (892)Liz Nagel (217/1st)
2014Notre Dame (913)Meghan MacLaren, Florida International (221)2nd (917)Sarah Burnham (226/t-6th)
2015Notre Dame (887)Sathika Ruenreong, Toledo (216)2nd (917)Sarah Burnham (219/t-3rd)
2016Miami (860) Dewi Weber, Miami (212)4th (905)Sarah Burnham (213/2nd)
2017Michigan State (859) #Sarah Burnham, Michigan State (210)1st (859)Sarah Burnham (210/1st)

* - won in a playoff
# - tournament record
** - Lady Northern Invitational played instead of Mary Fossum as a preview to Big Ten Championships.
^ - won on a tiebreaker

Michigan State hosted the Central District Invitational from 2000-14 in Florida, and after a two-year hiatus, the tournament returned in 2017. From 2000-2013, the Spartans hosted the CDI at the River Wilderness Country Club in Parrish, Fla. The tournament moved to Lakewood Ranch Golf Club in Lakewood Ranch, Fla., in 2014 and then to the St. Lucie Trail Golf Club in Port St. Lucie in 2017. MSU hosted the inaugural Central District Invitational in October of 2000. Since 2002, the Spartans have hosted the tournament in February. The Spartans won the CDI twice (2002, 2008).

* won on a scorecard playoff
^ school records
YearChampion (Score)Medalist, School (Score)MSU FinishTop MSU Finisher (Score/Finish)
Oct. 23-24, 2000Northwestern (916)Ashley Lowery, Ohio State (225)5th (947)Emily Bastel (234/T-14th)
Feb. 25-26, 2002Michigan State (296)Stacy Snider, Michigan State (216)1st (296)Stacy Snider (216)
Feb. 24-25, 2003Ohio State (909)Kristen White, Ohio State (218)10th (938)Sarah Martin (233/23rd)
Feb. 23-24, 2004Louisiana State (903)Christa Spedding, Texas A&M (220)2nd (906)Allison Fouch (224/5th)
Feb. 21-22, 2005Missouri (879)Amy Schmucker, Michigan (216)8th (918)McConnell/Rose (229/T-30th)
Feb. 20-21, 2006Baylor (896)Lacey Jones, Southern Methodist (215)8th (923)Dayna Burleigh (227/T-16th)
Feb. 19-20, 2007Texas A&M (874)Ashley Knoll, Texas A&M (209)2nd (887)Sara Brown (215/2nd)
Feb, 18-19, 2008Michigan State (892)Sara Brown, Michigan State (212)1st (892)Sara Brown (212/1st)
Feb. 16-17, 2009Auburn (882)Megan McChrystal, LSU (213)5th (903)Laura Kueny (220/7th)
Feb. 22-23, 2010Florida (857)Isabelle Lendl, Florida/Marika Lendl, Florida (213)4th (895)Caroline Powers/Aimee Neff (221/9th)
Feb. 21-22, 2011Iowa State (868)Austin Ernst, LSU (213)5th (888)Christine Meier (219/T-10th)
Feb. 20-21, 2012TCU (882)Chirapat Jao-Javanil, Oklahoma (212)5th (887)Christine Meier (218/T-6th)
Feb. 18-19, 2013SMU (888)Natalie Wille, Augusta State (215)*3rd (895)Caroline Powers (212/T-1st)
Feb. 17-18, 2014Vanderbilt (844)Simin Feng, Vanderbilt (207)*3rd (849)Allyssa Ferrell (207/T-1st)^
Feb. 20-21, 2017Furman (864)Alice Chen, Furman (215)T-6th (909)Sarah Burnham, Ally Geer (225/T-20th)

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