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Meet the Spartans: Lisa Burt

Lisa Burt's favorite thing about MSU is getting to meet new people.

March 11, 2013

The Michigan State gymnastics team will feature the student-athletes this season in attempt for fans to "Meet the Spartans". This week freshman Lisa Burt (Port Orange, Fla.) sat down with to answer questions about her experience so far at MSU and her favorite things.

Name: Lisa Burt        

Year in School: Freshman    

Hometown: Port Orange, FL

Major: Kinesiology

Best thing about being at MSU: Getting to meet new people

Favorite class: KIN 171

Favorite movie: The Lion King

Favorite food: Bread        

Special talent: I can literally sleep anywhere and at pretty much at anytime

Siblings: One brother, Matt, 22

What do you want to be when you grow up: Physical therapist or chiropractor

Most exotic place you have traveled to: Costa Rica

Dream vacation spot: Greece

Favorite musician or band: Chris Brown

Song that gets you pumped up before a meet: Count on Me by Bruno Mars

Reason you picked MSU: the atmosphere of all the students here/ family

Favorite celebrity: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Favorite thing to do besides do gymnastics: SCUBA diving

If you were not doing gymnastics, what other sport would you be involved with: Pole Vaulting, Swimming

Favorite spot on campus: Smith center

Pre-game ritual: Listening to pump up music, and joking with my teammates



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