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  • 2007 Gymnastics Schedule

    February 14, 2007
    Beyond the Beam

    WOW!! This season just keeps bringing on new and exciting things. Last weekend at the University of New Hampshire Fox Run Invitational, freshman Rochelle Robinson scored a 10.0 on vault. This is the first perfect 10 in the history of MSU Gymnastics. Only two other gymnasts have received a 10 this season. This puts her in superb company! Rochelle has a fabulous yurchenko full. She has tremendous height off the table. She flared her arms out after the twist and nailed the landing. The judges had no choice but to flash that 10.0. It was AWESOME!!!

    The meet began on bars. We had to make a last minute change in the line up because Bethany Little hurt her foot in warm ups. We were hoping she would be ok to go but we decided it was in her best interest to be pulled. Dani Fanning stepped up and performed in her position. We missed some handstands and didn't stick all of our dismounts but overall it was a good start to the meet. We continued to beam where the judging was a bit inconsistent between the two judges. They missed a couple of start values so I was busy with injuries. We hit four routines in a row, including Kristen Coleman's 9.95, but then missed the last two. So, we were counting a fall in our beam total. We moved to floor and had a relatively good performance. We had one missed routine and one run out of bounds….but again, not a bad away performance. We then moved to vault. The entire arena seemed to stop when Rochelle hit that vault!! It was an incredible experience for the coaching staff and the entire team. She even stated in an interview that she thought the coaches and the team were more excited than she was! We finished the meet with a 194.00 team score, good enough for the title. UNH was second by a hair, WVU was third, and Brown was fourth.

    We hope to rest Nicole Curler from an event or two this week. With that said, we also hope to have Kelly Moffitt and Emily Lopatofsky back in the bar line up this week. If things go well, Kelly may even vault. Time will tell.

    The team is excited about their potential and the focus this week will be on hitting routines! We can not continue to count falls in our team total and reach our goals this season. So….back to the gym for some hard work!!

    Go Green!! Go White!! Go Spartans!!

    Kathie Klages

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