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Big Ten Honors

All-Big Ten Honors
Player of the Year
1994Karen Winslow
Offensive Player of the Year
2008Laura Heyboer
Coach of the Year
1994Tom Saxton
2000Tom Saxton
First Team
1994Marcie Dart
1994Kristin Lester
1994Karen Winslow
1995Marcie Dart
1995Kristin Lester
2002Stacy Heller
2002Abby Shepherd
2002Andrea Sied
2003Andrea Sied
2005Emma Harris
2008Laura Heyboer
 Lauren Sinacola
2009 Laura Heyboer
 Cara Freeman
2010Laura Heyboer
 Jill Flietstra
2011Laura Heyboer
 Annie Steinlage
2012Annie Steinlager
Second Team
1995Sue Gibson
1995Kris Goff
1996Becky Ketola
1996Kristin Lester
1997Aimee Cousino
2000Sara Kloosterman
2001Andrea Sied
2001Tiffany Laskowski
2002Tiffany Laskowski
2003Stacy Heller
2003Tiffany Laskowski
2003Abby Shepherd
2008Lauren Hill
2008Cara Freeman
2009Lauren Hill
2010Katelin Chaklos
2011Jordan Mueller
2013Mary Kathryn Fiebernitz
2014Mary Kathryn Fiebernitz
Freshman Team
2002Emma Harris
2004Erin Doan
2006Lauren Hill
2006Lauren Sinacola
2008Katelin Chaklos
2010Kelsey Mullen
2012Allyson Krause
2014Jamie Cheslik
Sportsmanship Award Honorees
2012Chelsea Peterson
2013Kelsey Mullen
Weekly Honors
Player of the Week
1994Karen Winslow (10/24)
1995Jen Moore (10/17)
1997Jessica Moorman (9/15)
1998Jessica Moorman (10/25)
2000Sara Kloosterman (10/9)
2002Andrea Sied (D - 9/2)
 Stacy Heller (D - 9/23)
2003Stacy Heller (D - 9/1)
 Stacy Heller (D - 9/8)
 Tiffany Laskowski (O - 9/29)
 Michelle Perun (O - 10/20)
2004Erin Carlson (D - 9/6)
2005Nicole Galas (D - 9/5)
 Kelly Hannon (D - 9/26)
 Emma Harris (O - 10/10)
2006Lauren Hill (O - 8/28)
 Nicole Galas (D - 9/18)
2007Lauren Sinacola (O - 9/3)
2008Laura Heyboer (O - 8/25)
 Lauren Hill (O - 9/1)
 Lindsey Wrege (D - 9/8)
 Lindsey Wrege (D - 9/15)
 Laura Heyboer (O - 9/29)
 Laura Heyboer (O 10/13)
2009Lauren Hill (O - 8/31)
2010Jill Flietstra (D - 9/13)
 Jill Flietstra (D - 10-4)
 Jill Flietstra (D - 10/18)
 Elizabeth Watza (D - 11/1)
2011Laura Heyboer (O-9/19)
 Jill Flietstra (D-8/29, 9/5)
 Olivia Stander (O-9/12)
 Courtney Clem (D-9/12)
2012Annie Steinlage (D-9/3)
2014Courtney Clem (D-8/25, 9/3)
Big Ten
Freshman of the Week
2014Jaime Cheslik (10/6)
Soccer America
Weekly Team
2005Nicole Galas (9/4)
 Kelly Hannon (9/24)
 Emma Harris (10/9)
Soccer Times
Best of the Rest
2006Lauren Hill (8/30)
National Elite Team of the Week
2003Tiffany Laskowski (9/30)
2005Nicole Galas (9/6)
 Emma Harris (10/11)
2006Nicole Galas (9/19)
2008Laura Heyboer (8/26)
 Lauren Hill (9/1)
 Laura Heyboer (9/30)
 Laura Heyboer (10/14)
National Player of the Week
2008Laura Heyboer (10/13)
Academic All-Big Ten
1987Tina Galindo 
 Lisa Leonard 
1988Maura Bradley 
 Emily Coatney, Kim Owings
 Brenda Sampson, Michele Wise
1989Maura Bradley 
 Emily Coatney, Kate Ferguson
 Tracy Fortune, Michele Wise
1990Emily Coatney 
 Kate Ferguson, Tracy Fortune
 Brenda Sampson, Beth Tumilty
1991Kate Ferguson 
 Karen Fujii, Jennifer Misaros
 Jen Schuerman, Heather Sixt
1992Tracy Fortune 
 Karen Fujii, Jennifer Misaros
 Erin O'Connell, Heather Sixt
 Caeri Thomas, Kristi Turner
1993Marcie Dart 
 Beth Ernst, Margaret Martin
 Erin O'Connell, Caeri Thomas
 Kristi Turner 
1994Marcie Dart 
 Sue Gibson, Kris Goff
 Kathy Herbst, Leah Hutko
 Erin O'Connell, Margaret Martin
1995Marcie Dart 
 Bryn Gibson, Kris Goff
 Kathy Herbst, Leah Hutko
 Renee Larabell, Erin O'Connell
1996Courtney Cleland 
 Bryn Gibson, Kris Goff
 Leah Hutko 
1997Courtney Cleland 
 Bryn Gibson, Jennifer Hanink
 Meghan Kolbe, Sarah Lawlor
 Laura Montecillo, Jessica Moorman
1998Amy Abner 
 Ann Cieszkowski, Courtney Cleland
 Jennifer Hanink, Sara Kloosterman
 Meghan Kolbe, Sarah Lawlor
1999Amy Abner 
 Ann Cieszkowski, Emily Clarke
 Jennifer Hanink, Sara Kloosterman
 Meghan Kolbe, Sarah Lawlor
 Laura Montecillo, Jessica Moorman
 Melanie Siler, Erin Stohl
2000Amy Abner 
 Amy Allen, Ann Cieszkowski
 Emily Clarke, Kim Corcoran
 Rebecca Danielewicz, Libby Kelly
 Sara Kloosterman, Erin Stohl
2001Amy Allen 
 Kristi Arrington, Emily Clarke
 Kim Corcoran, Rebecca Danielewicz
 Stacy Heller, Laura Jones
 Libby Kelly, Trisha Kenny
 Tiffany Laskowski, Andrea Sied
 Erin Stohl, Stephanie Urbin
2002Amy Allen 
 Emily Carbott, Erin Carlson
 Rebecca Danielewicz, Stacy Heller
 Laura Jones, Alyson Kehler
 Libby Kelly, Trisha Kenny
 Tiffany Laskowski, Ashley Lawson
 Andrea Sied, Suzanne Smokevitch
 Adrienne Treado, Stephanie Urbin
2003Emily Carbott 
 Erin Carlson, Anna Hagel
 Emma Harris, Stacy Heller
 Alyson Kehler, Trisha Kenny
 Erin Konheim, Linsey Laskowski
 Tiffany Laskowski, Ashley Lawson
 Nina Mastracci, Katherine Peters
 Abby Shepherd, Andrea Sied
 Suzanne Smokevitch, Adrienne Treado
 Stephanie Urbin 
2004Christine Byrne 
 Erin Carlson, Anna Hagel
 Emma Harris, Erin Konheim
 Linsey Laskowski, Ashley Lawson
 Nina Mastracci, Callie McCarthy
 Katherine Peters, Abby Shepherd
 Suzanne Smokevitch, Adrienne Treado
 Emily Wiegand, Jenee Witherspoon
2005Katie Boyd 
 Shannon Collar, Erin Doan
 Emma Harris, Erin Konheim
 Linsey Laskowski, Nina Mastracci
 Callie McCarthy, Maureen Pawlak
 Katherine Peters, Emily Wiegand
 Jenee Witherspoon 
2006Kelley Amormino 
 Erin Doan, Linsey Laskowski
 Callie McCarthy, Maureen Pawlak
 Kristi Timar, Jenee Witherspoon
2007Kelley Amormino 
 Breana Ballard, Katie Boyd
 Megan Brown, Demi Bruck
 Ashley Crandall, Erin Doan
 Hannah Ferenchick, Lauren Hill
 Taryn Lee, Callie McCarthy
 Maureen Pawlak, Katie Rehor
 Lauren Sinacola, Kelsey Tait
 Michelle Telebar, Kristi Timar
 Jennifer Ulmer, Lindsey Wrege
2008Kelly Amormino, Megan Brown
 Demi Bruck, Samantha Cook
 Ashley Crandall, Hannah Ferenchick
 Lauren Hill, Danielle Petri
 Kate Rehor, Courtney Shegos
 Lauren Sinacola, Ashley Swartz
 Kelsey Tait, Michelle Telebar
 Kristi Timar, Lindsey Wrege
2009Megan Brown, Katelin Chaklos
 Samantha Cook, Mikki Dennis
 Jill Flietstra, Cara Freeman
 Laura Heyboer, Lauren Hill
 Taylor Miller, Hannah Peterson
 Danielle Petri, Megan Pines
 Kate Rehor, Courtney Shegos
 Lauren Sinacola, Kelsey Tait
 Jennifer Ulmer, Elizabeth Watza
2010Desiree Aber, Katelin Chaklos
 Samantha Cook, Mikki Dennis
 Jill Flietstra, Cara Freeman
 Laura Heyboer, Karly Kasper
 Kelly Lindsay, Taylor Miller
 Jordan Mueller, Chelsea Peterson
 Hannah Peterson, Megan Pines
 Kori Reinhart, Courtney Shegos
 Olivia Stander, Sarah Stern
 Jennifer Ulmer, Elizabeth Watza
2011Desiree Aber, Katelin Chaklos
 Courtney Clem, Mikki Dennis
 Jill Flietstra, Laura Heyboer
 Karly Kasper, Kelly Lindsay
 Chelsey Miller, Taylor Miller
 Jordan Mueller, Kelsey Mullen
 Chelsea Peterson, Hannah Peterson
 Megan Pines, Kori Reinhart
 Olivia Stander, Sarah Stern
 Elizabeth Watza
2012Desiree Aber, Courtney Clem
 Courtney Hammer, Alexandra Heffron
 Kelsey Kassab, Megan Marsack
 Jordan Mueller, Chelsea Peterson
 Kori Reinhart, Olivia Stander
 Anne Steinlage, Lisa Vogel
2013Courtney Clem, Kirsten Evans
 Mary Kathryn Fiebernitz, Erica Goodenough
 Courtney Hammer, Sarah Kovan
 Allyson Krause, Madeline Lucci
 Megan Marsack, Caitlyn Riley
 Shauna Stadelmeier, Kelli Timar
 Lisa Vogel, Jessica White
2014Courtney Clem, Michelle Dear
 Kirsten Evans, Mary Kathryn Fiebernitz
 Gabrielle Gauruder, Erica Goodenough
 Courtney Hammer, Sarah Kovan
 Allyson Krause, Megan Rafac
 Caitlyn Riley, Shauna Stadelmaier
 Kelli Timar, Rachel Van Poppelen
 Lisa Vogel, Jessica White
Big Ten Distinguished Scholar
2009-10Megan Brown, Jill Flietstra, Megan Pines
2010-11Desiree Aber, Mikki Dennis, Jill Flietstra, Jordan Mueller, Megan Pines, Kori Reinhart
2011-12Desiree Aber, Katelin Chaklos, Mikalia Dennis, Jill Flietstra, Laura Heyboer, Jordan Mueller, Megan Pines, Kori Reinhart
2012-13Desiree Aber, Jordan Mueller, Kori Reinhart, Lisa Vogel
2013-14Courtney Hammer, Sarah Kovan, Shauna Stadelmaier, Lisa Vogel
2014-15Michelle Dear, Gabrielle Gauruder, Courtney Hammer, Sarah Kovan, Shauna Stadelmaier, Kelli Timar, Lisa Vogel

* Academic All-Big Ten selections must earn a varsity letter and record a 3.00 or better GPA during the term in which they compete.

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