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June 6, 2000

Tammy Vonderheide and athletic trainer Tory Lindley in Copenhagen. This statue, which weighs seven tons, is from the 1700s.

Bus rides are a good opportunity to recharge for the next country.

Erin Hartley goes high for a kill over Holte IF in Denmark.

Angela Morley, 6-foot-4, a.k.a. Gumby.

The ferry ride from Holland to Denmark. From left: Erin Hartley, Emily Engel, Lisa Ashton and Jessica Sanborn.

Ferry goers enjoying the fresh air after five hours on the bus. From left: Beth Lindley, Christie Landry, holding Genevieve Lindley, Elissa Malthaner, Tammy Vonderheide and Tory Lindley. Front: Nikki Allen.

The Danish border cop.

Pizza the Danish way, as demonstrated by Kayleen Cook (left) and Tammy Vonderheide.

It's never too early to start warming up, especially for setters Christie Landry (left) and Vicki Basil.

Elissa Malthaner (left) and Emily Engel after their canal tour in Copenhagen.




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