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Women's Volleyball

All-Tournament Teams

Courtney DeBolt
Jenna Wrobel
Erin Hartley
Kim Schram
Vanessa King

All-Tournament Teams

1987Becky Belanger Colorado Invitational
Kansas Invitational
Judy Doles Kansas Invitational
1988Becky BelangerMiami Invitational
1989Becky BelangerSpartan Invitational
Susan CoscarellySpartan Invitational
Jill KrummSpartan Invitational
1990Kristine BaileyToledo Invitational
Becky BelangerArizona Invitational
Western Mich. Invitational
1991Corinne McNamaraLSU Invitational
Amy WesthouseLSU Invitational
1992Amy SchlossDePaul Invitational
Connie ThomasDePaul Invitational
1993Dana CookeBall State Invitational
Andrea DeLucaLoyola Invitational
Jennifer JonesAmerican Airlines Classic
1994Veronica MoralesColorado Invitational
Notre Dame Invitational
Val SterkColorado Invitational
Notre Dame Invitational
1995Dana CookeMSU Classic
Courtney DeBoltMVP-MSU Classic
Veronica MoralesUCSB Invitational
Goff/MSU Classic
Corie RichardMSU Classic
Val SterkGoff/MSU Classic
Jenna WrobelGoff/MSU Classic
MSU Invite
1996Dana CookeCleveland St. Invitational
Val SterkGoff/MSU Classic
MVP-Cleveland State Invitational
1997Lindsey ClaytonGoff/MSU Classic
MSU Invitational
Kentucky Conference Challenge
Sarah GustinKentucky Conference Challenge
Veronica MoralesMVP-MSU Invitational
Jenna WrobelGoff/MSU Classic
MSU Invitational
UCSB Classic
MVP-Kentucky Conference Challenge
1998Sarah GustinL&L/MSU Classic
MSU Invitational
Christie LandryL&L/MSU Classic
MSU Invitational
Jenna WrobelMVP-L&L/MSU Classic
MVP-MSU Invitational
1999Sarah Gustin UMass Motorola Invitational
Christie Landry UMass Motorola Invitational
Angela Morley WMU Ameritech Invitational
Jessica Sanborn MVP-UMass Motorola Invitational
L&L/MSU Classic
WMU Ameritech Invitational
2000Sarah Gustin MVP-San Diego Invitational
Christie Landry L&L/MSU Classic
Jessica Sanborn MVP-L&L/MSU Classic
Notre Dame/adidas Invitational
San Diego Invitational
Amy SibbernsenL&L/MSU Classic
2001Nikki ColsonMSU Classic
Coca-Cola Spartan Invitational
Erin HartleyMSU Classic
MVP-Coca-Cola Spartan Invitational
Jenny RoodCoca-Cola Spartan Invitational
Kyla SmithMVP-MSU Classic
2002Nikki ColsonCoca-Cola/MSU Classic
WMU Invitational
Emmy MillerWMU Invitational
Angela MorleyCoca-Cola/MSU Classic
South Florida Invitational
Kyla SmithSouth Florida Invitational
Sara VillwockMVP-Coca-Cola/MSU Classic
2003Nikki ColsonMVP-American Classic
US Bank/Arby's Classic
Carolina Classic
Maryland Invitational
Brooke LangstonAmerican Classic
Jenny RoodAmerican Classic
MVP-Carolina Classic
Maryland Invitational
Kim SchramCarolina Classic
MVP-Maryland Invitational
2004Kim SchramMVP Coca-Cola/MSU Classic
Megan WallinCoca-Cola/MSU Classic
Marley BellwoodCoca-Cola/MSU Classic
Maggie GriffinCoca-Cola/MSU Classic
Green Mill Restaurant Classic
Brooke LangstonGreen Mill Restaurant Classic
2005Katie JohnsonMVP-Spartan Invitational
Pizza Hut Jayhawk Invitational
Orange and Green Challenge
Nicole ColalucaSpartan Invitational
Pizza Hut Jayhawk Invitational
Orange and Green Challenge
Mickey DavisSpartan Invitational
2006Nicole ColalcuaBall State/Nike Active Ankle Weekend
Jessica HohlMVP-Spartan Invitational
Allison IanniBall State Nike/Active Ankle Weekend
Spartan Invitational
Katie JohnsonBall State Nike/Active Ankle Weekend
Ashley SchatzleSpartan Invitational
2007Jessica HohlHarvard Invitational
Katie Johnson MVP-Spartan Invitational
Harvard Invitational
Ashley SchatzleHarvard Invitational
Spartan Invitational
USC Trojan Invitational
Miken TrogdonSpartan Invitational
2008Jenilee RathjeOklahoma Nike-Sooner Legends Invitational
Spartan Invitational
Allyson KarabaAsics Delaware Invitational
Vanessa KingAsics Delaware Invitational
Spartan Invitational
Natalie EmroAsics Delaware Invitational
Spartan Invitational


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